Summary of accessories tests


Since accessories tests are linked and that once it is for smartphones, once for tablets, or for the pc, I decided to make a small summary rapidos material tests performed so far:


Accessories tested for smartphones (all models including: Apple, Samsung, Htc,…):

  • Martin Fields screen protector: the Martin Fields screen protectors are expensive but excellent! A cutting a hair too short, but it facilitates the installation! A product that is worth its weight of peanuts!


Accessories tested for tablets:



Accessories tested for computers and laptops:


If you also have you one of the tested accessories, feel free to send us your feelings about it! Do not hesitate to send us your reviews, good or bad, about our tests or if you would like being tested a product in particular!

In passing, I also inform you that Mobilefun has new products in inventory, such as the latest from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S4! Galaxy S4 shells or props Galaxy S4, Mobilefun has everything to dress your ultra smartphone recent or not!

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