Test: Morning Mayhem Scribble LCD Pixel array

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I don't know in what concerns you, but I'm sometimes (often even :() guard at weekends at work, and it already happened to me several times off I woke up Sunday morning telling me in a semi-coma "ah well no it is Sunday I can sleep" because I ava forgotten is that I worked, Yes, even on Sundays at 8: 00… —' and the comments in my alarm clock in my phone, too small for me eyes all fogged xD

This alarm clock seemed to me to be a great idea, to remind me that yes BOULOT wholesale in bold in bright blue in large on the small board as soon as I open my eyes :D Depressing the reminder to hard life as soon as you open your eyes, certainly, BUT effective :p (and then you can also use the alarm clock for sweet words, not just for torture in the morning eh :-) ) The pen to write on it is of course integrated and easily erased ^^

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Other good points:

  • You can program 3 alarms (with 4 different tones should not be crazy to hear always the same: either d + snooze feature (because getting up it is good but not the first time anyway…)) )
  • battery, so you can take it anywhere easily
  • the retro style of the screen, pixel effect, which displays time (no kidding?) date and temperature (hm, temperature is a negative for an alarm clock, it is likely not to want to get out of bed if cold…) xD)
  • no blue light (or white) when you do not want it!, you have to press the button :-) it m
    ay be pretty, the goal is still to fall asleep next to :D

Little less:

  • easy to set the time and date on it, but I must admit that I struggled to program the alarm clocks; Finally this program it will, but turn it off… Just, think of practicing to do beforehand, two three times, history of master before having to do it in the morning rush and remove the batteries like me xD
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Apart from this little detail that requires just a little practice, I have only positive for this alarm clock to be honest, it is so pretty that I do not even want to throw it when it sounds (I exaggerate a little I just have no strength when waking up :D) , now I'm just waiting to work a weekend to have the pleasure of putting me a little message :p As you will understand I recommend without hesitation ^^


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