Review / Test: candle LED MiPow PlayBulb

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 When we get home at night after a hard (or not huh, you glandez if you:D) day job, what more than détressant a zen atmosphere, relaxation, in the dark with a few candles…) ? Finally, it, it is in theory, because personally, since I almost get bald in cramant me hair absentmindedly passing next to a real candle, I dare not use it too me. After hair, home, touuuut could burn, especially with my not possible distraction, I may forget to switch them off, so no thanks! It was a moment that I lorgnais on the LED candles, then necessarily seeing the LED MiPow candle, in addition to remote (when it relaxes, it is lazy :$) through an app Android or iOS, how could I resist?

Package contents:

B3 B4   -Operating instructions (in french), very basic but nothing more was necessary – 3 small discs scented to place around the bulb of the candle (not planned in the surprise announcement, friendbougie1ly ^^) – the candle: supplied without batteries, requires 3 LR6 (AA), which allows you to place it wherever you like since no need external power. It requires Bluetooth 4.0, and is compatible with 4.3 Android devices and more, and with iOs 7.0 devices and more. Need to be able to order it, install the application "PLAYBULB X", be it on the App Store or Google Play. app Pairing is simple and is done in the usual manner: Bluetooth connected on the device to pair, do a search after having lit the candle, click on "PLAYBULB" and hop it is done. When you open the application, you'll first get a screen showing "CANDLE PLAYBULB: connect", once logged in just click on the title to get to the main control of the candle scre2015-01-18-16-30-11-1en: as you can see, there are quite options: – change the color by clicking anywhere on the spectrum of colors – light intensity – disable color to have a "simple" candle effect, light white/yellow like a flame. -"music player": we know actually launch the music at the beginning of the app, however I have noticed no effect on the brightness of the spark plug if it is keep pace with what past… As to the "settings" tab, not noticed its usefulness either. -"effects"2015-01-18-16-21-07-1: you can here set the speed of light flashes, getting an effect "fade" for a rainbow effect, alternating flashes, etc. These options work correctly. 2015-01-15_09_09_30 On the other hand, by going to the settings we find the clock and timer functions:2015-01-18-16-33-12-1 for these options, there's no way to test, the application responding very badly in these tabs; I can for example set the alarm time or duration of the timer, but not to save my settings… therefore impossible to use it.  I have yet made the application update seeing that it wasn't, and tried with two smartphones different (Note 3 and S5), no improvement and no difference.


Well, the candle itself is nice, the finish does not "cheap" at all, and light rendering is very pretty in the dark; the basic settings such as colors, flashes, etc. change, respond well, we also know to turn off the light of the candle blow (but I guess that the Bluetooth continues to function during this time…?); However, I am very disappointed with the application (on Android in any case, unable to test iOS) which as said above, does not respond very well, quite a few options not taking into account the fact that clicked on and are therefore unusable… In the end, a nice gadget but that will probably not greatly serve because its full of gaps application. test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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