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With the democratization of virtual reality, many “VR” headsets for smartphones are flourishing on the market ranging from ten euros to sometimes several hundred …

Today we will present one, the Keplar-VR “Immersion” of the iCandy brand which is available for about thirty euros.


The packaging remains pretty sketchy: a small box and a simple design representing the glasses as well as its technical characteristics.

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20171122 100304
20171122 100244
20171122 100251

Inside, the glasses are simply packed in a small bag plastic, but nevertheless well kept in place by a plastic support, with the latter we find a guide as well as a wipe impregnated with alcohol and a small mode employment in English.

20171122 100349
20171122 100411


The glasses

Here, we discover a pair of glasses with a very good finish, even if they are entirely made of plastic. Openness, quite simple via a button on the top of the helmet, can accommodate a maximum 6 “smartphone and they are also equipped with headphones for a still deeper immersion. The different elastic straps and a wheel to set the spacing of the eyes to adjust these glasses to almost all heads. They also have a button ‘function’ as well as a volume control.

20171122 102740
20171122 102805
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20171122 103948


Operation / use

This system uses stereoscopic 3D (which exists since the beginning of photography), the image is split into two parts, which are distributed independently to each eye through two lenses inside the helmet, the brain combines these two images in order to generate a view highlight of the scene just as it does in the re ality. All is coupled to the smartphone’s accelerometer to detect the movements of the head.

Screenshot 20171122 105259
20171122 105608

Don’t expect a very advanced VR experience here, this headset is just an “enhanced” version of the famous Google Cardboard, so it doesn’t have a remote control or directional cross to play many games and it’s also necessary to remove the smartphone to browse the menus …

The installation of the smartphone is quite simple, with a Galaxy S7 the latter fits perfectly between the two brackets holding inside the headset and the jack jack is easy to put, even with a protective shell. Speaking of protective shell, fortunately mine is equipped with it, because the metal holding tab does not seem appropriate to me and could scratch the rear glass of my smartphone, a plastic tab or a rubber protective layer would have been wiser… That said, the phone is well held in place!

20171123 111707 e1511692445669
20171122 111607 e1511692376404

Overall the presence of foams makes the wear rather comfortable, even if the front of the helmet is quite heavy and weighs a little on the nose. Holders of large glasses will be a little bit embarrassed because there is little space inside, but if you are not completely blind it is always possible to remove thanks to the presence of a slight adjustment of diopter. Headphones produce good sound and the volume control is rather easy. The straps enable them to adapt the helmet even to small heads.


At this price, don’t expect an equivalent of the VR Gear, this helmet is very basic! However, the finish is very good and the sound of the headphones is very good. However, the absence of directional crosses or remote control limits its use to the playing of VR videos only …

For 35 degrees, this headset does more than you expect, but if you’re looking for VR glasses to play on your smartphone go your way ^^


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