Test / reviews: adapter headset Bluetooth Griffin iTrip Clip

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Once you get used to the wireless, it's hard to come back, I always take my hands inside working or other… Here I had a super helmet with active suppression of background noise in gift (Audia Technica), but it is a wired headset, and so as I said, it bothers me, but especially as I use it with my iPhone, it takes in more I think to take the adapter for the iPhone because the helmet to a jack plug…

To solve both problems (wires and jack adapters) at once: a Bluetooth adapter! :D

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This one charges by micro-USB cable, and a battery of 800 mAh, which is theoretically equivalent to 6 hours of streaming and 180 hours of sleep. All for a range of about 10 m, as usually for BT connections.

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The Bluetooth pairing is easy, and once it has been used with a device, the connection gets automatically. I use it with iPhone 7 and no concern, it happened immediately, and the connection is stable, and more you can easily hang it with small clip on his sweater or other and we forget very quickly.

Also, it can be used in a car with the connection to, and being equipped with a microphone it allows also to answer calls. (I say in the car because that's where we'll use it more often but a stereo at home will work also obviously …)

The built-in keys allow you to answer calls, but also to zap from one song to another or to adjust the volume.

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My opinion: as I said, the connection is very stable, the pairing easy, I tried for calls the quality of the conversation was correct, and especially the autonomy meets my expectations I used several times of noon in a row and I still did not had to recharge :-) delighted then!


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