Review/Test: Xilence SNC 110 ventilated support for laptop PC

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 The company Xilence, which I thank very warmly, has sent me to test a ventilated support for laptop, the SNC 110. Founded in 2003, Xilence is a reputable company in the design of cooling and noise reduction components for PCs. The product range consists of PC enclosures, PC power supplies as well as notebooks, enclosure fans, laptop coolers, CPU-, HHD-, GPU-, RAM-and coolers for Northbridge.  Xilence SNC 110 The Xilence SNC 110 is:

  • A ventilated support for laptop pc up to 15.6 inches
  • A 180 mm fan
  • A reusable USB port
  • Dimension: 260x350x26 mm
  • Material: honeycomb shaped metal plate with a plastic base
  • Weight: 700 g
  • Rotation: Adjustable speed from 600 to 1000 rpm
  • Air flow: 84.7 CFM!
  • Sound level: 16-20 DB
  • Voltage: 5v
  • Current: 0.12 to 0.22 A

Xilence SNC 110 Front

The test

If you have read my article about ventilated media, just by reading the features, you can directly see that it is a serious brand that knows its field in cooling to the number of useful details that they provide us and especially To the values of this support! It is therefore a ventilated plastic support that is covered with a metal honeycomb metal plate. The greyest that appears in the bottom right of the bracket is the logo of the Xilence brand. Composed of 2 retractable feet, this one allows you to put your computer in a position a little more relieved for a more ergonomic typing. The USB port used to power the support is "pass-through", i.e. you do not lose your USB port because you can plug in another USB from above! Save space compared to a USB hub! On this USB cable there is also a wheel that allows you to adjust the fan speed. Well thought out, but personally, I find it a pity that one cannot adjust the speed until turning off the support. Apparently, the minimum speed is 600 rpm and the maximum speed of 1000. The package also contains 4 non-slip rubber pads to stick on the top face if your computer slides on the stand. Personally, no problem at this level, those of my PC are enough.


Most importantly, what is it really? Test performed on a HP G62, with Guild Wars 2:

  • Without cooling: 68 °c for CPU, 61 °c for GPU and 40 °c for SDS
  • With the cooling of the Xilence SNC 110 at minimum speed: 64 °c for the CPU, 60 °c for the GPU and 38 °c for the SDS
  • With the cooling of the Xilence SNC 110 in Maximum speed: 62 °c for the CPU, 55 °c for the GPU and 35 °c for the SDS

The measurement between the minimum speed and the maximum speed was made only a few minutes between the 2! And the air that comes out of the PC is lukewarm, proof that it cools the PC well! At "Rest" (understand by this in cases where the PC is not very active), the fan of the PC almost does not turn and almost does not evacuate air, all the work is done by the ventilated tablet! Xilence SNC 110 Rear


An excellent ventilated support that really cools! It has really been designed, and especially studied, to cool 15.6 inch laptops that overheat! The airflow, low noise, the USB port pass-through, the change of speed, the design, everything makes a great support ventilated! And moreover, it is thin and transportable (the USB cable can be stored on the back of the support). Only 2 small faults: Sometimes you hear a squeaking of the metal grate when you have your hands on the computer and the non-extinguishing of the ventilated support. In short, I really recommend it among the jungle of ventilated media!   You can find the article at this address: Http:// test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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