Test / reviews: portfolio S-special leather Samsonite real RFID


Whenever you go shopping, you can see a proposal of new means of payment, remotely without having to insert your card at checkout: the NFC (Near Field Communication), which is a technology using the RFID which Here’s a definition:

RFID Radio Frequency IDentification: technology for automatic identification which uses radio frequency radiation to identify carrier labels objects when they close an interrogator

Basically, your cards have a “label” (if they support this technology which is increasingly the case) and can be read at a distance. broadcast waves are rarely encrypted so that they can be easily intercepted or copied and used without your knowledge! Simply that the intercepted data to be copied to a blank example card, and the usurper can use neither seen nor known… Oops!

To protect yourself, several solutions:

  • cut its bank card or other container RFID to remove the chip (even when it does not seem a good idea say it like that…)
  • apply for a card without RFID chip to the Bank (too bad if you want to use functions from time to time)
  • Pack you want to protect in the ALU (McGiver, if you look at us…)
  • buy a pocket of protection or RFID portfolio!
Photo 05 12 2017 21 49 03

So I chose the last solution didn’t feel no mood tinker xD, and my choice fell on the Samsonite S-special portfolio in real leather, which is therefore completely protected RFID and which includes:

  • two locations identification
  • seven card slots
  • wallet
  • Pocket for documents and other
Photo 05 12 2017 21 50 09

I find it pretty, it seems really quality and all locations make it convenient.

Photo 05 12 2017 21 49 54
Photo 05 12 2017 21 50 02

For this test, I played the fool to the store and tried to pay in NFC by sticking the portfolio to the reader, without removing my card to pay for: BINGO… payment did not work so the protection proved effective ^^


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