Test / review: reload with KSIX wireless


The battery of my smartphone is aging (and my smartphone too) and it takes less time… (or it’s that I use it more, or that applications eat more energy …)

So before, when I got behind the wheel, I didn’t have to plug in my smartphone to charge it, but now I do.

And the problem is that it bothers me quite well to plug/unplug my smartphone every time, especially since sometimes I just forget to plug it!

The only way to no longer plug in/unplug the smartphone to recharge it is to use wireless charging!

Some smartphones have built-in wireless charging by default, but in most cases, this is not the case, as on mine.

It is quite easy to fix if you do not recharge non-integrated wireless, simply you just invest in a receiver and a transmitter Qi.

The KSIX brand just offers a complete kit for charging wireless with a receiver and a transmitter.


The test

The IQ receiver Ksix offers is a universal receiver for smartphones with a micro-USB port, it is placed between the battery and the back cover, or between the shell and the cover (because there are others, which are placed between the battery and l) a shell back without using a micro-USB port, but is specific to each model).

On the side of receiver, you have a 16cm by 8.5 cm plate with as recharge the central area.

The set is extremely easy to install: you connect the receiver to the micro-usb port on your smartphone, you paste it against your back cover. You connect your transmitter to a power source, no button ON / OFF, it will reload automatically your smartphone as soon as it detects the receiver (distance of about 5mm). And hop, let’s go for the refill!

Simple and effective!



The positives

  • Wireless charging
  • Simple to install and use
  • Discreet
  • Hot little
  • Relatively correct thickness
  • Indicator on the transmitter
  • Intensity of reloading: 1 Max (reality observed: max 900mA)

The negatives

  • Use the micro-usb port on the smartphone
  • Small recharge area
  • Detectable thickness


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