Tip: How to add a "Copy to a folder" or "Move to a folder" feature in the pop-up menu

cleaning-windows-7-seven Here's a Windows tip that lets you add 2 features to your pop-up menu (a menu that appears when you click right on a Windows file).   These will allow you, for example, by right clicking on a file on your desktop, to cut/paste (and thus move) or to copy your files without having to open your Windows file explorer! The move feature added to the pop-up menu.

How to add a specific feature to the pop-up menu

To do this, it's pretty simple:

  1. Download the file or files you want the feature to be added to your computer (see below)
  2. Double-click to open it
  3. To the message asking you to confirm the merger with your registry, click Yes

  And lo and behold, it's done, not even need to restart the PC!   The files in question:


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