Tip: How to fix the most common worries in Windows with Microsoft

Dolphin Windows By default, Microsoft integrates a Help center within its Windows operating system, and has been around for a long while. If my memories are not mistaken, I will say from the beginning, in any case, in Windows 95, it seems to me that the help was already present. But I will say that it was to Windows XP that the help started to improve and propose a solution as soon as it detected a problem. But one thing to admit is that it is not effective… Detection is still irrelevant, and the few that are detected are seldom solved! For a few years now, Microsoft has developed a tool and a website to help you solve the most common problems, in order to try to alleviate in part the many problems that its users can encounter in Windows, But also under Office, Media Player, Internet Explorer, XBOX, and other software. Fixit_center The site, here it is: http://support.microsoft.com/fixit/fr-be fairly intuitive, it is easy to use:

  1. Either you select a problem area: windows, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, etc…
  2. Either you select what you are looking to do:


  • All problem areas
  • Use desktop features or open programs and files
  • Play games, listen to music or sounds, watch pictures or videos
  • Connect to the Internet or networks
  • Install or update software or hardware
  • Print, fax, scan, share or save
  • Correct performance, errors or incidents
  • Correct security, confidentiality or user accounts

  Once you have made your choice, it will offer you various solutions. Choose the one that suits you and click "Start Now" and accept the download of the file. Run this one, and follow the instructions to repair your computer. With this small tool, you should be able to solve some additional worries only via the classic track built into Windows.  

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