Windows 10: How do I get the most performance?

Windows 10

You want to have the maximum power, performance that your pc can give you to play your favorite game, but you do not want (or are afraid or do not know) overclocker your pc? No worries, it’s possible thanks to a trick on Windows 10, and this, without risk!  

How to have maximum power in Windows 10

  The optimal performance mode or even called ultimate is an energy management mode that is hidden by default in Windows 10. It is also not advisable to use it on your laptop if you do not want your laptop to become fixed by force to have the battery empty!   To enable this ultimate mode:

  • Right click on your Start menu button
  • Then click command prompt (admin) or PowerShell (admin)


  • Insert Powercfg-duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61 and press your enter key


  • Once done, open your Windows Explorer
  • In the address bar, insert Control Panel hardware and Audiopower options


And now in the additional modes, you will have the option activated of optimal performance mode!   And that’s it, it’s as simple as that!  

The difference between high performance mode and optimal performance mode?

  Windows 10’s optimal performance mode delivers better performance than high performance mode, it’s an improved version that allows you to push your machine even further and reduce latency!   Of course, this mode will allow you to gain a little more power, but will not allow you to do magic and make your old pc as fast as a new pc. This mode will allow you to have better performance without overclock your PC, and therefore without risk for your PC!

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