Test: AUKEY Aura LED LED bedside lamp in Ring

I don't like to stay in complete darkness to watch TV in bed or in the living room (living room that quickly ends up in bed during a movie xD), but I still have a dilemma: I also do not like to get up to go and turn off the extra lamp when I no longer need it …

So I needed a lamp with a remote control. And as long as it was done, that it was colorful with a nice design was a plus.

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AUKEY's Aura lamp arrives well packed. With the two-part lamp (assembly in one movement), the sector adapter, remote control, instructions and warranty card.

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She hit me directly in the eye for several reasons:

  • enough size without being the only thing you see on the furniture (35.3-32.12cm) for a weight of only 700g that fits easily on a shelf hanging on the wall
  • The basic lighting is a fairly warm white, but several colors and lighting modes are possible so we get tired less quickly. And you can adapt according to the desired atmosphere:
    • 6 modes of lighting effects ("mode" button), whether static, flashing, which goes around the lamp at variable speed, …
    • 4 effects speeds (left and right arrows)
    • setting the light intensity (but only in static mode) simply by pressing the button with the remote control bulb.
    • color change (low and high buttons), solid colors (red-green-blue-yellow-green-pink-white warm) or multicolored/rainbow
  • When the lamp is turned off and relighted, it automatically returns to the settings used when it was turned off.
  • You can also use the "SET" button, which records the settings in use. And then use the "MEM" button to juggle the different saved sets (16 maximum).

Here are some examples of colors available:

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In short, this lamp fits perfectly with what I wanted! Simple and intuitive use. Beautiful colors adaptable to the desired atmosphere (I like red for horror movies hehe), consumes little energy since LED. And I can control it without having to move!

if you too are lazy (or just a fan of gadgets with a nice design), it's here: https://amzn.to/35DFDQT

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