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An exploit is a program element that allows execution of an infectious file (virus, worm, Trojan horse, ect… ) on your computer that you can do something about (without your consent). The feat is generally possible when your system and/or software are not days! (Many people do not make their […]

Test his computer against exploits of web sites

This trick will allow you to retouch an image found on the internet directly in your internet browser Firefox, without downloading the image to your computer! And therefore without opening another program to edit the picture! What need you: Firefox (logic!) The Firefox Pixlr Grabber extension Procedure to follow: Install […]

How to change an image directly in your browser

This trick will simply allow you to open and read a PDF without install pdf reader, or even plugins for Web browsers! (And it's free!)     This trick requires: A Web browser, which poses no problem, otherwise you wouldn't be trying to read this article! :-D (So for example […]

How to open and read a pdf without installing software

When you right click in Explorer, or on the Windows desktop, you have a menu that appears, and in this one, you have the option "send to" which allows you to copy (s) file (s) to another location. But that you install software, it is possible that these add you […]

How to customize the menu "send to" in Windows

End of 2010, a new home page was proposed to you on Facebook… among the changes, you now have a mini Gallery of 5 photos under your name, first name and other info about you. If you show that you like on your homepage, without so far erasing all others, […]

How to customize your Facebook profile photos