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  A small definition to begin: What is therefore a malware? Malware is software which aims to harm computer systems, such as for example viruses, Trojans, worms, ect… Well know since Windows XP, Windows includes natively an antimalware! This information can be useful when you have malicious software on your […]

Windows antimalware

This trick will allow you to play older games who walked under old OS like for example Windows Xp (or earlier) but that do not work under Windows Vista, Seven (or most recent). This trick is pretty simple: install your game do right click on the shortcut to your game […]

How to make an old game compatible on windows

The Windows Start menu lists all programs recently, with top ones you use the most. If you want to hide one of those programs that you use frequently while leaving others, this tip is for you! Here's how to proceed: Click su start menu Locate regedit and click go to […]

How to hide the shortcut of a program often used

The robots.txt file is a file allowing the crawlers, i.e. to (ro) bots that scour the web to index your site to the search engines. This file gives bots the necessary indications so that they properly through your website but it is necessary to also indicate what the robots should […]

Optimize the robots.txt under wordpress

Want to review certain series? Want to have episodes of your series favorite on your computer?   Then the site that I am presenting today is for you: here is Top-series! Top – in is a website enabling you to download more than 700 series, anime and manga in […]

Top – – an all your series favorite for ...

It's already happened practically to all players: want to play a game on his PC because he looks too well, you do not look at the minimum configuration, you buy it or download and install it… And bam! You realize that your computer is too old or does not have […]

How to know if your PC is compatible with a ...

When you have a site under wordpress and it's online, there are several plugins that allow you to test your theme changes and plugins in "live" while leaving your online site unchanged for your visitors like nkthemswitch and plugin test drive. But performance side, it's not the top because you […]

How to install wordpress locally / on your computer

A game in English, Russian, or any other language, and you would like to have it in french? No need to buy/download the French version! ;-) You just just find the patch that lets you translate your games in french. Google is your friend, but alas, is the patch does […]

Site of french patch for video games

By default, it is not possible to put several newline in Wordpress, even with multiple tags<br>in the html code. To insert several newline on Wordpress, simply put in the html editor, at the locations where you want them: <br clear="none">   It's as simple as that!  

WordPress: how to insert multiple newline

Recently, Microsoft's messaging service, Hotmail, allows you to create disposable email addresses. In the same way as Yopmail, these email addresses will protect you from spam. With a hotmail address, you can create up to 5 disposable email addresses of your choice, also known as aliases. To create a disposable […]

How to create disposable email addresses with Hotmail

You think not often and even some ignore it, but did you know you can create a keyboard shortcut to open a program instead of the usual double click? In addition the method is easy to do (besides allow you to save time)! Go into your menu start (or on […]

How to create a keyboard shortcut to open a program

When you install software programs in Windows, it may be that these install as a service under Windows and that when uninstalling the program, the present rest service in the list! To access the list of present services on your computer: -> Start menu type services.msc /! Remove only the […]

How to remove a service on windows