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For a time, fashion was to make mobiles more small. Now, it seems that the trend will be reversed, then why not add a more retro touch with a cone of phone? Here is the test of a handset for smartphone. Aspect: This is undoubtedly the appearance of a cone […]

Review / Test: combined hands-free retro phone

Have a ton of apps to steal (games) is good, but having a true flying machine, it's better! I therefore propose the test of the helicopter assault HELO TC from Griffin! Here is the famous beast:   In the package we have: 1 helicopter missiles spare blades a control handle […]

Review / Test: attack for smartphone Griffin helicopter

  After seeing, once too many, a Cree last smartphone with a just-cracked screen, I myself: "non non!" "Tom, might recall the difference between different protection accessories!" That is therefore the reason why I write these few lines. If like me, this image you done wrong (or laugh if you're […]

How to protect its smartphone

  Nowadays, smartphones continue to still evolve more power… but there is one thing that is not developing as quickly, it is the memory of our dear smartphones! Whether internal memory level or at the level of SD Cards / microSD, there is still limited in the choice of capacities: […]

How thoroughly clean its Android smartphone

For several years now, UNIX (Mac and Linux) systems have had a native multi-desktop function in their system. Microsoft, on the other hand, remains on the sidelines. And despite its latest Windows 8 release, there's still no native function to manage multiple separate offices. That's why, to overcome this lack, […]

Dexpot, Windows multi-office manager

When you uninstall an application on Android, the application leaves files in the internal memory of your smartphone or on the microSD card… Already there is limited side memory, if more leaves unnecessary files accumulate, it's going to do… What you need to know, is that as on any system, […]

How to properly uninstall an Android application