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An office, it is easily fast, clutters leaves draft, open folders, pens, computer… In short we no longer know where you can ask new business. However, it is known that work in a clear and tidy environment increases the yield. Go, are we trying to store, but not without accessories, […]

Review / Test: Gumbite Desktop Organizer

Tired of the nodes in your bag? This cable is made for you! More and more, we walk with its smartphone or tablet, and often one is obliged to take the charger with to do not fall short of juice. And as manufacturers do not facilitate us life, we must […]

Review / Test: cable charging and synchronization 4 in 1

Go, hop, 9th competition off birthday! This time, it is in partnership of the shop VMART, created by 2 double, Julien and Brice (not ours, eh ^^), passionate about computer science and new technologies. Their goal? Search the top of the top competitively priced! All surrounded by a quality product […]

Contest #9: A Magic Mushroom to win!

In a world that becomes more and more wireless, there is a small group that resists always and still (the invaders) the advance that is the wireless! But more for a long time, indeed, more recharging of battery-operated Cordless is present. Novelty? No not at all! Small history lesson: in […]

Wireless charging

Like any object, where there are quality, there are also defects! So it's better to optimize your SSD on Windows 10. The SSD or Solid State Drive, in search of becoming the future replacement for our expensive rotary tray hard drives, are fast, light, shock-resistant, quiet and less energy-intensive, but […]

How to optimize your SSD on Windows 10

When it obtains a mouse, a question (almost always) comes: what mouse pad choose? And in this area, our dear vendors are a joy to we propose with great marketing, a wide choice of models. We, the customers, we are a little outdated, also I will introduce you to different […]

Mouse pads

With the advance of technology, we have more and more sophisticated equipment… Unfortunately, this causes several problems such as the programmed obsolescence or a certain fragility of components. Certainly, each unit is tested according to standards by highly qualified laboratories, but these are generally tests on wear and safety (fire […]

Hull Xperia Z1 Muvit plating Bimat 360

Tired of your pc that has become slow over the years? You've applied various tricks and optimizations to speed it up, but is it not enough? Are you hesitant to buy a pc faster (and therefore more expensive at the same time)? One solution is to change a part of […]


Anyone with a smartphone very soon notice: our smartphones eat up incredibly energy! Before, with our GSM/mobile, it was easily a week, or even several weeks without even reloading! Nowadays, they kept a few hours max 1-2 days… Can optimize them to save a little of the battery like these, […]

Review / Test: battery Mugen for smartphone

Desires to circumnavigate the world? Or travel everywhere? This small plug will come in very handy. Indeed, with this small wall Swiss army knife you can all connect on everything (attention, however, is not a transformer, it passes current freely). For entries as for outputs, it has interfaces for taking […]

Review / Test: USB adapter world Swiss Travel

Today I will present a site specializing in writing fonts, dafont. When creating graphics, whether it's for invitations, business cards, or directly composing on an image, to create its own forum banner or custom avatar, you'll probably need to write font. The default writing fonts present in the various operating […]

How to write with the famous fonts? (From movies, series, ...

Today, all touch screens took a significant share of the electronics market, including smartphones, tablets and even Windows 8 which shows an evolution towards the touch. Therefore, the virtual keyboards are becoming common. What can be a defect should you write long texts, and was used to type very fast […]

Review / Test: keyboard Bluetooth Perixx PERIBOARD-805