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Since accessories tests are linked and that once it is for smartphones, once for tablets, or for the pc, I decided to make a small summary rapidos material tests performed so far:   Accessories tested for smartphones (all models including: Apple, Samsung, Htc,…): Martin Fields screen protector: the Martin Fields […]

Summary of accessories tests

  After the purchase of Skype by Microsoft, as you are aware, it has decided officially to migrate the users of Windows Live Messenger, formerly MSN, Skype. History to have a competitor and less and recover their investments… But sometimes (often?) the migration of MSN to Skype is going as […]

How to find MSN Live Messenger after Skype through Messenger ...

Recently, I have 2 of my USB/micro-USB charging cables which dropped me… Probably due to the great climate situations lately… Cold, hot and cold, it's not great for the son! Short! So therefore I had to replace my cables broken by others. What is not particularly easy, given the numerous […]

Review / Test: cable flexible one coil FUSEChicken USB/microUSB

Saw the price of smartphones, I think that one of the important stuff, is to invest a little in protecting it! In any case, if you intend to keep it as long as possible in good condition! One of the protections possible, screen protectors, which are (yet happy!) transparent plastic […]

Review / Test: Martin Fields screen protector

Our dear computers and laptops often have their close enough USB ports to each other or are in areas difficult to access (for example, back computers)! When 2 USB ports are so close to one another, it happens very often that the insertion of the first USB blocking access to […]

Review / Test: adapter – USB extension cable with Tilt ...

You were very likely to participate in the competitions of the 3rd anniversary of the blog! Unfortunately, given the number of participants, there were also many losers did not have the chance to be selected at random to receive one of the gifts at stake! The, laboratory of the […]

Contest #5: 1 universal station to (re) load for 6 ...

  A large wound in the world of blogging, it's the incredible number of spam in the comments! Just you land on the web, you'll already have some spam! And ofcourse, more you will be known, more you spam in your comments! WordPress, at base, is supplied with the famous […]

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