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Summer approaching, I decided to change my iPhone cover giving me a cover (this is certainly not the shot that my screen took to be motivate this choice, not at all!). The market offering an almost infinite number of this type of product, I stopped my choice on this cover […]

Review / Test: The Snugg leather case for iPhone 5

  Summary: Introduction Why? How to protect yourself? For non-root users For root users   Introduction Android smartphones are more and more used… It seems even that they are less used as a phone… Which in fact is not even surprising when one knows the capabilities of these small beautiful […]

How to properly secure its Android smartphone

Several months ago I have this mouse and because it is almost perfect, I want to share with you my experience and tell you why I love it! Frankly, it's a mouse for all those who are often on a computer! Basically, I had a mouse Logitech M215 that I […]

Review / Test: mouse Logitech Performance Mouse Mx

By manipulating files in all the senses, it is almost inevitable to end up with duplicate files! Downloaded this software without knowing (or have forgotten) 2 identical files and then we put them in 2 different folders, copy to move the file and we forget to delete the original, etc… […]

How to detect and remove files duplicates with CCleaner

Recently, I observed a rather bizarre bug under Firefox: when I clicked on the Bookmarks button, I got a truncated list… but when I was going in the Bookmarks Manager and I asked what they are all posted, I saw them all! I was therefore 2 different results, depending on […]

How to remove a bookmark blocked in Firefox