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Android, when you install a new application via the Google Play Store, a shortcut icon is added to the reception of your smartphone or tablet, such as under Windows. Except that on Windows, you can in half of the cases, choose whether or not you agree in implementing the shortcut […]

Android: How to remove the automatic addition of newly installed ...

I do not know about you, but personally I am getting fed up with all these different USB cables… Certainly, the USB standard has reduced the different types of connectors, but personally, I find that there are still too many different type of USB connector: you already have males and […]

Review / Test: Manhattan, 2 kits of transport test: cables ...

When we get home at night after a hard (or not huh, you glandez if you:D) day job, what more than détressant a zen atmosphere, relaxation, in the dark with a few candles…) ? Finally, it, it is in theory, because personally, since I almost get bald in cramant me […]

Review / Test: candle LED MiPow PlayBulb

Filebot is software that will allow you to cleanly rename all your series files in one fell swoop! Yes, when you download a series, you download all the files all at once, or by part, there is always something wrong in the management of naming the different files: errors, disorder, […]

Filebot: Rename all your series episodes in one go!

With the evolution of technologies and modes of life, our use of computers decreases at the expense of the smartphones and tablets… The use of high-tech daily is more in addition to mobile: byebye our computers fixed, byebye our heavy computers laptops, welcome our smartphones and welcome our shelves! Unfortunately, […]

Review / Test: Nextav Wifi Drive Datashare NX-D100

Buy a car mount specific to the model of its smartphone, at the moment, it seems a good idea: "at least like that I am sure it will hold well in", blablabla.  We realize that in fact, not that much, once you change phone model and that it is more […]

Review / Test: Dash Crab FX Universal car mount

Always the same dilemma before washing me: either I shower in silence, and hey, it's still not very gay in the morning to wake up; I sing, and it's for others that's not gay (tssk); either I put music with my smartphone, always praying that the ambient humidity in the […]

Review / Test: speaker Bluetooth Olixar AquaFonik shower