Review / Test: Dash Crab FX Universal car mount


Buy a car mount specific to the model of its smartphone, at the moment, it seems a good idea: “at least like that I am sure it will hold well in”, blablabla.  We realize that in fact, not that much, once you change phone model and that it is more appropriate… -_-‘ Or sometimes simply a thicker shell, and it’s already damn. That is why having changed phone recently, and could not pass me to use the GPS of my Galaxy Note 3 without risking to find myself lost in the fields, I thought that this time it would be nice to test a Universal Mount instead of taking support specific to the model I own.  So I did some research and saw all the positive reviews for the Dash Crab FX, I decided to look for that one and see if I shared this opinion…  

Package contents and advice on its components:

  20141204_211152-1-picsay20141204_211200-1-picsay                 -support Dash Crab FX, and thats it! At the same time, this support is so easy to use that I do not see that a record or other would be there… ^^ Immediately I test to see if my phone is in the “pinch” with its Otterbox shell thick enough, and no concern, support is made to support up to 6 “phones, this is the case. The Cup, which is rather a rubbery pad, is protected by a cache paper, after have removed it I understand better why: it sticks, and not a little. Once on the dashboard, the pad is very well. I think the support that can be set on any flat surface, is made to stay in place, and not to remove it and put it back non-stop otherwise Hello dirt on it :/    20141206_115906-2-picsay20141206_115901-1-picsay           T20141204_211106-1-picsayhe clamp holds very well the phone can matter its format (I tested with the GN3 and hull, and the S5 Galaxy with a thick shell, and the S3), no vibration, I even shook the support holding it in hand (at the top of a mattress I’m not crazy when even: d to see if it did not move, and the phone has not moved an inch in the pinch ^^. It can perform a 360 ° rotation, and it can be used as well in portrait mode that landscape, in both cases it’s still very comfortable. The boom arm can be adjusted through a clamping ring.


I am so glad, and my fiance too, that… I’ll have to recommend a 2nd since it me has commandeered it soon after testing with its S5 Galaxy! xD seriously, I already had several brackets and it’s rare that they adhere as well. And above all, the main benefit for me is to put any hull without having me to worries at the moment where I have to use my GPS. So as you may have guessed, I highly recommend and I actually share the positive opinions of other buyers ^^ link: test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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