Review / Test: speaker Bluetooth Olixar AquaFonik shower


Always the same dilemma before washing me: either I shower in silence, and hey, it’s still not very gay in the morning to wake up; I sing, and it’s for others that’s not gay (tssk); either I put music with my smartphone, always praying that the ambient humidity in the room does not worry cause him later (with new covers, hulls and cie it decreases the chances, but one is paranoid or it is not!: D). I was therefore looking for a simpler solution to cleanse me in music, which I found by chance: the Bluetooth Aquafonik Olixar speaker. It exists in several colours: blue, pink, flower pattern, and green (which I chose). HP packed - picsay

Package contents and advice on its components:

unpacking - picsay

-USB charging cable / DC5V – small manual, with some in french.  Contains all the necessary Info for ease of use but it almost need a magnifying glass to read… -The speaker, with its sucker already attached to the back. It is rubber supple, very comfortable to use, and equipped with buttons built-in change tracks, change volume, in now supported buttons to change tracks, take a call and hang up, and obviously a button Play/Pause and Power. A small rubber cover protects the entrance for loading.  A power LED is also present in order to notify the Bluetooth pairing and give any info on the loading (red = charging, nothing = charged). On iOS devices, the battery level is indicated and Siri can be used. hp1-picsay20141129 195113 1 picsay20141129_195106-1-picsay   The pairing is simple:-check that the speaker is off, pressing 6 seconds until the LED flashes blue and Red then stops (which means it’s off). -Enable the Bluetooth on the device to pair with the speaker, launch the search, OlixarAqua appears. -Pair the device with OlixarAqua, if a password is requested: 0000. -The speaker will automatically connect to the paired device once it is switched on the next time if Bluetooth is enabled on the device paired ^^ with regard to the technical characteristics, the speaker is compatible with all devices Bluetooth, also good Android (test performed under Android besides) iOS, it is equipped with a Lithium battery that recharges in 3 h and has an endurance of 6 hours, and it weighs 100g.  


  I’ll start with the few negatives of this product: the little rubber cover that protects the entrance to the loading get lost too easily. at first use it is fallen, and without it a bit complicated to use safe with water that may seep :/ Fortunately I found it and re-fixed properly, hope it will be better that way. In fact it was the only negative point, the second being the fact that I had trouble to attach the suction cup to the wall, but right away, by wetting the wall, it worked better, it’s weird, ahem (* laminuteblonde *: $). 20141215_125032-1-picsay20141215_125200-1-picsay               With regard to the positive, beh… everything ^^ excellent sound quality, nothing to reproach at this level, I to am even surprised, pairing very easy as I said above, just the necessary functions and it is good enough, I could test also appealed, it works smoothly ‘, and with regard to autonomy, I haven’t measured the time taken showers, but after tested “to see” + a week of (daily showers (, anyway xD), the battery has not yet made the soul, so it seems correct in all cases such autonomy. To sum up: a great idea if you are looking for a gift or for yourself, regarding me he will not move to the shower (OK, perhaps to move to the tub, but he never left my bathroom anyway: d link : test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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