Test / review: accessory flash portable led Loooqs for smartphone / Tablet

We are slowly, but surely, getting of best pictures on our smartphones, with auto focus, sensors etc..

To improve our pictures taken with a Smartphone, there are different ways:

photo taking app + addition of filter by top to erase imperfections, colors, etc…

using different lenses / zoom

use of a polarizing filter


Here, you can add a new accessory: the led flash lamp!


Yes, Yes, I see you come up with what you're saying to you: "uh… it's use, all smartphones have built-in flash!"

Indeed! That is quite right! But make a photo with the built-in flash and a flash outside, better thought, that doesn't give the same result!






Link: http://www.mobilefun.fr/59215-lumiere-flash-led-loooqs-universelle-pour-smartphones.htm

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