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How to test how your antivirus works safely? You don't have to have a real virus on your computer to test your antivirus! Everything is virtual There is one thing to understand in computer science, it is simply that everything is virtual! You only see what they want to show […]

Did you know? How to test an antivirus

If you are students or employees and you have to make PowerPoint presentations for a review or a meeting, why, nothing like a remote control with a laser pointer for a smooth presentation. I will introduce a remote wireless and WP1001 from Inateck laser pointer.   Content of the box […]

Test / notice: remote control wireless and WP1001 from Inateck ...

Whether you have Parkinson's disease (or other disease) or not, whether you are cold or not, it is not always easy to stabilize your hands to take a picture properly! One advantage of digital is that you can see directly the result of the photo, but even sometimes, on the […]

Review/ Reviews: Arkon Universal Trépieds

A shield-free antivirus/real-time protection is strictly useless!!!   Without real-time shield activated, your antivirus will let go of all the crap your computer will encounter while browsing the net! It's as simple as that!   It is essential to have an antivirus with real-time protection active (and updated), as this […]

Did you know? Antivirus protection

An external battery for smartphones, this is very useful given the weak capacity of the batteries of smartphones, especially with the arrival of Pokémon Go, that you empty your battery with your screen, the gps, the camera and the data all on at the same time, and these are the […]

Test / review: battery and boost startup multifunction 16000mah SNAN ...

When you have 2 hard drives, a filled and a vacuum, it is interesting to have a dock that being in offline, allows you to copy all the files from one disk to another, in this way, you're on everything, but entirely everything is copied, and what, at maximum speed […]

Test / review: Dock dual hard drives in aluminum and ...

It's probably already happened to each of you to want to leave, and there at the last moment, not to find his car keys, his wallet or any other small object that can easily go astray at home. Sometimes it even puts us behind schedule. It is to remedy this […]

Review: TrackR Bravo