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Whether you have Parkinson's disease (or other disease) or not, whether you are cold or not, it is not always easy to stabilize your hands to take a picture properly!

One advantage of digital is that you can see directly the result of the photo, but even sometimes, on the screen, it is believed that the photo is niquel when in reality it is blurred, because of a moment of trembling and a smaller screen and sometimes less bright, so we see less the defects that could have the photo before putting it on a big screen like that of his Pc …

One solution is simply the use of a tripod to stabilize the device! The tripod that is tested here is the Arkon MG2TRI universal tripod, which actually incorporates a tripod with foldable legs and a smartphone support (the GRIP2) built into the tripod.


Arkon MG2TRI Features

  • 3 feet flexible
  • Legs covered with moss
  • Dedicated screw 1/4
  • Smartphone and camera compatible
  • Anti-de-deflating feet
  • Transport bag
  • Smartphone support included
  • Plastic

The test

Since the feet are flexible, much like the Spider supports tested here and here, these allow a hook in a lot of environment: unflated soil, a tree trunk, a pole, sloping plane, etc.

The legs of the tripod are about 13cm high with an adjustable tilt head of about 7 cm, this makes you about 20cm in maximum height. Of course the elevation depends on the spread of the legs, so count less than 20cm.

The 3 legs, compared to their attachment point, do not have a lot of mobility, but due to the flexibility of the legs, the stability and inclination can be modified as desired.


Unlike Spiders, leg folds are not noticeable after they return to normal, as the foam probably hides the effects.

Because the foam is made up of different rings, these can also be considered as anti-slip, but also as a pressure reliever if they are ever wrapped around a fragile object.
However, I don't think the moss likes water or the sun in the long run.

At the head, you have 2 screws: one to remove the screw 1/4, and another to adjust the tilt of the head forward-rear. Again the front-rear tilt is very limited, so to tilt to the side, he will be forced to use the flexibility of the legs.


As the head includes a 1/4 screw, the tripod is compatible with cameras, mini projectors and any other device with a 1/4 screw slot. The tripod being quite rigid, it should be able to hold your devices without problem (will depend on the stability of the tripods): by forcing with all my strength to a hand up and down, to bend the tripod, it held until finally I exert edgy on side, which is quite normal because when setting up the test, it had almost no stability on the side.

In the package, you also have a smartphone holder that you can place in place of the 1/4 screw: The Arkon Mobile Grip 2. It is a clamp (self-retractable) compatible with many smartphones: it can open up to 8.9 cm.

It can accommodate a worry-free Xperia Z5.



An excellent flexible and stable tripod, compatible with many devices (cameras, camera, smartphone, etc.) thanks to the clamp provided for smartphones and the screw 1/4. Not only compatible with many devices, but also compatible with many places thanks to its flexible legs that allow you to wrap it everywhere!

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