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While with the technological advances, there is less less wires and more and more connected objects, Bluetooth the headset itself are democratized. We will test 2 headphones Bluetooth of the HUHD brand. It's the model HB – 328 L and HB – 328M. Both helmets very similar from a point […]

Review / Test: headphones Bluetooth audio, HUHD

SLR type cameras are more powerful and solicited for video. Some high-end models are even used for feature films. The quality of the image is indeed ideal for the video. However, a problem is recurring in many devices that allow filming: the sound quality! Indeed, with a hole in the […]

Test / Review: Microphone BOYA BY-SM80

  Smartphones have become common in our daily lives, and they represent a more significant mobile market share. Although real small pocket computers, more and more powerful with certain processors rivaling a true entry-level pc for, their main weakness is, I think, their fragility, especially for all touch models that […]

Review / Test: hull Sony Xperia U Metal-Slim Graphite Style

Desires to circumnavigate the world? Or travel everywhere? This small plug will come in very handy. Indeed, with this small wall Swiss army knife you can all connect on everything (attention, however, is not a transformer, it passes current freely). For entries as for outputs, it has interfaces for taking […]

Review / Test: USB adapter world Swiss Travel

Today I will present a site specializing in writing fonts, dafont. When creating graphics, whether it's for invitations, business cards, or directly composing on an image, to create its own forum banner or custom avatar, you'll probably need to write font. The default writing fonts present in the various operating […]

How to write with the famous fonts? (From movies, series, ...

Today, all touch screens took a significant share of the electronics market, including smartphones, tablets and even Windows 8 which shows an evolution towards the touch. Therefore, the virtual keyboards are becoming common. What can be a defect should you write long texts, and was used to type very fast […]

Review / Test: keyboard Bluetooth Perixx PERIBOARD-805

More and more people want to be a small place on the internet, be it to mount a big deal or just to share his passions, it is not the opportunities that are missing. To be an ACE of programming or that we know nothing, considering a site that will […]

How to choose web hosting that suits you?

Today, even for a nature lovers or adventurous vacationer, the technology is everywhere with us and therefore needs battery to various devices continues to grow with always more powerful, efficient but also greedy devices in energy! Although my phone takes a few days, if we take for example an iPhone, […]

Review / Test: charger solar Scosche solBAT II

Who has never had projects, whether with friends or professional? More there are people involved, and more difficult to organize and coordinate all the tasks it is. Propels, a website developed by a young french student wants to be an answer adapted to project management. He is currently still with […]

Propels, a simple and efficient project manager

Since the appearance of the first MP3, take his music everywhere with oneself has become a gesture between the life of every day, even a reflex. With current phones, it became even easier to have his music still on oneself and be able to share it with his entourage. But […]

Review / Test: speaker Bluetooth Veho 360 ° M4

There are more in addition to website offering a cloud service that allows to share files via a storage space on the net. The best-known no longer need to be cited, services such as DropBox, Skydrive, Google Drive or even more recently Mega, are booming with still more space up […]

Gather DropBox, GoogleDrive and another cloud with Cloudiz

Whether for the camera, mobile phones, digital tablets or any other device for which the use of memory can be very useful and even essential standard SD memory cards are everywhere! Whether it's SD cards, micro SD or mini SD, or as storage capacities or that of SD, SDHC or […]

Review / Test: memory card Micro SD 32 GB