How to find other films of the same genre


There are evenings where bored and uu’d watch a movie… Nothing on TV, plus series, not want to re – watch old movies… Do is to discover other films that we liked and which would be of the same kind and that we would like to… The question is how to…? Of course, you have the choice between surfing the net randomly and falling on the gem, ask friends, or you can be independent and look on sites that will automatically offer you movies you’d like to! These sites to be discovered? In here are 2:



In french, simple to use, you type the name of your favorite movie, and it gives you other similar films! Easy as pie! Link:




  This one, though in English, is much more advanced than MoviesLike. By clicking on “Discover”, you will have access to a more advanced search engine to the selection of the type of film you want. You can search by theme, genre, period, origin, places, etc…! In short, a very thorough selection!   Link: another site which can also help you find your next films or series, it’s Mediatly that you already had Bryce talk.   Feel free to let me share your tips also to find new films! ;-)

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