Contest #7: A YouTube Forum to win!


In partnership with Eric shop, we offer you this summer, one speaker to vibration YouTube!

Shop by Eric is gone from the observation we also noticed: when you want to buy something, whether on a store online or in a large area, most of the time, it is simply not known what to expect! Is it good quality? Is it efficient? Is it noisy? What are the possibilities? Etc… Especially that builders are not helping! As it is not false information, this is nebulous information… An example: an autonomous vacuum cleaner of the boucan, the manufacturer will tell you that it has a noise level of 50 decibels… You are able to say, the sound that I hear, it is a sound level of 10-30-50-70 decibels, you? Not me, anyway! How many devices are tested before you? How can you test before you buy? The answer is simple: almost no!

And that is why we have decided some time to share our experiences with the devices we had the opportunity to test ago. And it is that Eric also, but to a higher level: it allows you to buy directly from its online store devices that he himself tested and approved!

The peculiarities of its online store? It is that unlike the majority of online stores, it does not merely to paste the specific nature of the device given by the manufacturer! It gives its opinion, but also explanations on the functioning of the device, why, etc…! A question? The answer will not come nobody stuck dan his office who knows even what looks like the device, but Eric himself who tested and used the camera!

To return to our competition, we offer you a beautiful mini-enceinte vibration YouTube for a summer music! (Fault on the horizon…)

And to prove what I said earlier, here's the complete enough test that made Eric on the speaker and I advise you to read:


The YouTube D2 enclosure


A small summary of the speaker to vibration YouTube D2:

  • Vibration speaker operating on everywhere, no matter what surface
  • A powerful, clear sound
  • Thanks to the Jack, the speaker can be used as a forum for smartphone, PC, Tablet, Walkman, etc…
  • Can read audio files from a micro-sd card
  • Also serves as a fm radio
  • Battery providing about 5 hours of music
  • Controllable remote battery the included remote control


And to participate in the contest, nothing simpler, simply you just leave a comment and tell us what is your favorite song and you would like to listen to with this speaker!

Competition limited to residents of France, DOM/TOM, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. From 17 July to 31 July.

Draw in the days following the end of the contest.

Good luck to all and good holidays!