How to download movies on Youtube

How easy it was to download movies when megaUpload was in service! But now other platforms have taken over and even Youtube allows you to stream entire movies! But how to download movies on youtube?

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Via this article, I'll give you different sites that provide you with movies as well as how to download videos from Youtube.But abov
e all, some explanations in relation to the abbreviations found in the descriptions of movies that reflect the quality of these.

The meanings of the most common abbreviations

What does CAM mean?

It is made using a camera in a cinema. The image can tremble, the sound is often cavernous and one is entitled to the background noises of the cinema.
Framing can also be bad, as it depends directly on the viewer's placement. In short, it is a format that is bad overall but allows you to see films that are currently in the cinema.

What does TELESYNC (TS) mean?

The video quality is identical to that of a CAM (i.e. not good) but the soundtrack was later integrated, via an external source.
The sound quality is therefore better than in a CAM without being equivalent to that of a DVD (risk of noise strays). The quality of the set is better than a CAM but still not famous.

What does REPACK mean?

Just means that the file was reuploaded due to a problem in the previous version (either the link or the file)

What does DVD-SCREENER or DVDSCR mean?

It is a screener (copy on DVD that a studio makes of one of its films while it is still operated in theaters
.) The quality is very good, but there can always be a message at the bottom of the screen or the addition of a black stripe to hide a message that could appear throughout the film. Good overall quality.

What does R5 mean?

The R5 comes from The DVDs of Region 5, i.e. from the Eastern countries. These are DVDs that come out some time before the final DVD, but with a lower quality, not always the right soundtrack and an image not always reworked. There may also be black-and-white scenes as well as scrolling text. This is on the whole a not too bad quality.

What does DVDRIP mean?

The DVDRip is a copy of the commercial DVD (so does not allow you to see the movies from the cinema). The quality is equivalent to that of a "physical" DVD. The average file size is 700MB.

What does BDRIP or BRRIP mean?

The BDRip is a copy of the Bluray of commerce, so video and audio quality superior to that of the DVD. The size of the file depends on its encoding can range from 700MB to several Giga. (Even though it's the same size as the DVDRip, the BDRip remains superior.)

What does 3D mean?

It's still from Bluray 3D. The size here reaches ten gigas and allows of course to see the film in 3 dimensions.

Where to find movies

There are many on many sites, links for downloading movies, here is a non-exhaustive list (which can be complemented with your help):

On these sites, you can easily find your happiness via the search option. If you're not looking for anything special, there are different tabs depending on the type.

Once your film is selected, you will have several choices depending on the quality of the film (see above) and according to the host. There are several different platforms where you can download the film. The problem is that in the majority they are not fast, when you do not have an account. But hey, if your movie is in several parts, feel free to download the different parts on different platforms, since it is the same file, there should (in the majority of cases) no compatibility issues.

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How to download movies on Youtube

Download Youtube

Given that there are more and more VF (French version) , it can be interesting to know how to download videos on Youtube:

1. From websites

2. Via programs

3. Via internet browser addons

For each of them, all you have to do is follow the instructions given to you. Nothing complicated: paste the link and then click download :)

These are yours hours of cinema!

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