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Formerly known as Fedbac, closed due to pressures and threats, it was taken over by the Downparadise team thereafter… (to find out more about Downparadise, check here) Dpstream.net, it is a streaming site (videos visible online) having to date more than 14000 films, 2800 series, 1700 manga, 4000 documentaries and 1780 shows!!! It is ranked among the best streaming sites, and it is for me the best of the best among all the streaming sites I have visited, and yet I have visited streaming sites! All videos are accessible by not being registered, so without account, and for free, but you can sign up if you want, the inscription is super simple! The registration will allow you to add movies that you want to share, but also to advertise for a site (or referral link) and this for free!!! The appearance of the banner advertising will appear according to your% calculated according to different parameters (clicks on your banner, number of videos shared, etc…) But even having posted no videos, your banner will still be seen by thousands of people!!! The site manages several video platforms including Purevid, MixtureVideo, Wat.tv, Dailymotion, Rutube, YouTube, ect… to name only the most famous! ^^ And movies and series are usually present in several copies as well as on different hosts, so if a link is dead or is hosted on a host that you do not like, you will often have the choice of another link hosted in a other!   To go visit this paradise, it's happening here: http://www.dpstream.net ^^ edit: the backup server no longer exists because apparently there would have been some skid-offs and scams, so they decided to delete it. The only possibility now to access Dpstream, will be the official address. If at this address, the site is off-line, you will just have to take your pain in patience, which should not last too long because the site is not so often offline. Good streaming! ;-)   Edit 2: Dpstream is no longer under the control of Downparadise, it was redeemed at the beginning of the year 2013 by the company Baruti investments LTD… I do not know what it will be like in the future, but I hope it will improve and not the other way around! Source: http://www.dpstream.net/index.php?action=accueil2 and apparently it was never under the control of Downparadise, according to an interview of the administrator of DP. Edit 3: some series, anime and movies are excluded from dpstream… http://www.dpstream.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=14172 I do not know the films and series in question, but I know that among the animes, several are dismissed…

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