Review / Test: shell for Nokia Lumia 630 ArmourDilla Encase


I like to keep my objects as long as possible and goes the same for my smartphone, this is why I expect to have optimum protection before you take it out (they are fragile!). This is why here I tested a shell for Nokia Lumia 630/635. IMG_2476 Here’s the ArmourDillo hull, it consists of 2 parts:

-in orange: a semi-flexible part in which we will put its smartphone. The phone is well kept in place and the installation is very easy. It covers very well the phone as well as the volume and lock buttons. Leaving free access to the charger and the audio jack.

-Black part: turns on top and is made of rigid plastic, it has more a crutch. It will strengthen the corners of the phone and will offer a good grip of the smartphone. (I’ll explain further down on the stand)IMG_2478

Once all around the phone, note a net gain in thickness and weight but this has yet to be disproportionate. I still have to remove the black part to be able to put my smartphone into place in my smartphone in car holder. But as it removes easily, it is not too disturbing. IMG_2480 Small most of the shell is that it has a kickstand at the back, allowing us to ask our phone anywhere to watch a video to easy sound. It is very easily deployable and not a clumsy gesture will fall.


A shell in which I feel that my smartphone is safe and that does not bother me when I have to put it or remove it from my Pocket (it is not like the hulls silicone which always eventually return my pocket when I try out my iPod). It fits perfectly the forms of the phone keeping access to all keys and cameras. In addition, I find the color rendition gives good: black and orange slightly fluorescent is a beautiful combination. Link: in test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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