Test / reviews: stylus assets Broonel Silver Pro Works

stylet 1 boite

Always having a pen for years built into my phone, it disturbs me when I don't have the possibility to have one to scribble a note or other if needed… As I wanted to be able to do it also on iPhone / iPad, so I chose the active stylus Broonel silver pro works.

With its technology, Five Points, it is compatible with all touch screen (iOs, Android, Windows,…) and especially not Bluetooth connection requires but just to activate the button (it is on batteries). Its 2.3 mm tip allows normally thin lines and write "for real" on screen.

It is also compatible with any drawing or editing software (Adobe Photoshop,…) )

The most important thing is to have no configuration to do other than to put batteries in it and make sure it is on the ON mode. (so small LED on)

stylet 3 ON

I tested it on my Galaxy Note 3, it responds well but precision level I do not find it top and there is still a little reaction time, it's not instant as with the native stylus, not the same fluidity.

comparaison stylets

On the iPad 2 and iPhone 7 more, the same, excellent response to the stylus but I think he could do better, now is perhaps better with dedicated drawing applications that work well? The ones I tried were very limited. (Isketchboard, Drawingdesk)

stylet 2 off


Hm… the stylus did the promised job in the sense that it is compatible with all media tested, who respond well, and need no configuration. I would say it is satisfactory if we want a stylus to use to select things, for surfing, etc., now if it is to capture a lot of text with the time between writing and the screen appearance is likely to be boring… Depends on the intended use then!


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