Review/test + contest: Withings pulse O2 activity tracker to win!

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 In partnership with the online store, I have the pleasure of testing one of the famous activity tracker that are increasingly fashionable, the withing pulse O2! And as a bonus, we offer you thrValuebasketee chances to win it!!! is an online store that aims to be the benchmark online trader for consumer electronics products around the world. Sale of quality products at low prices, whether at the level of cameras, smartphones, tablets, computer accessories, activity trackers, camcorders, headphones, etc… you will find all the big brands with their latest models without worries! Excellent clear and intuitive site, no hidden delivery costs, very responsive customer service, fast delivery and very well protected parcel!  

The Withings pulse O2 activity tracker

Withings pulse 02


  • Track number of steps
  • Track elevation
  • Tracking calories burned
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Measuring O2 pressure in the blood
  • Sleep Tracker
  • OLED touch screen
  • Weight: 8g
  • Height: 43mm
  • Width: 22mm
  • Depth: 8mm
  • bracelet
  • Belt clip
  •  Mini USB-mini-USB cable
  • Compatible with Android and iOS


First use

First recharge the withings pulse O2 by connecting it to your computer with the supplied cable, but you can also use a simple USB-mini-USB cable, it only uses this cable for energy, not for data. During the connection, the pulse will tell you the site, then disappear, but do not worry, it continues to recharge although no indicator indicates. (Indicators will appear after the pulse is connected to the Smartphone and set) During this time, you can set up your Smartphone with your O2 pulse. Everything is done quite easily, nothing very complicated, just follow the instructions that are very clear and in French. The only concern is that the pulse must have enough battery to complete the installation because otherwise, the installation will be looped due to lack of energy (it must integrate the latest updates before being fully operational). Once the installation and connection with the Smartphone is done, you only have to wait until the pulse O2 is fully charged before you can enjoy it! I did not measure the exact time of the recharge, but I would say that in about 1h, at the 1st recharge, the battery was full.

Forward life!

So I tell you right away, it's a small Tracker that both forgets quickly enough, but once you remember, makes you want to exercise and to surpass (and possibly the others!) Whether on the wrist or the belt, given its small size, its low weight and its design, it passes almost unnoticed! What not to be obnubilated by the exercise and I want to say, it's so much better! But during that time, it constantly records your steps and compatibilises, calculates the kilometers you have traveled, the height and calories spent! This always makes it "unconsciously" or "unintentionally" to achieve the goals recommended by the Withings pulse O2 or that you will put yourself there! ;-) The case itself is already very complete: it can also tell you the time and date + the level of the battery in addition to the data mentioned above.  But this one is accompanied by the application on Smartphone, the health companion of Withings on Android (or even health mate on iOS, not tested), which is also very complete! This allows you to track the evolution of your performance over time, set goals, manage your pulse choice of screens to display, display horizontally or vertically, manage the firmware, track your sleep, follow your heart, your weight, your shopping, possibility to improve it by adding widgets, add Runkeeper, etc… There or the pulse allows you to motivate yourself at any given time, the application allows you to motivate yourself in the long run! And on the recording side, the pulse is quite precise, whether it is the number of steps or the difference! The counting of the steps is very precise attached to the belt (on the wrist, not tested), but if you do the apartment bike, attach the pulse rather to your knees for a good count;-) The sleep is very well monitored, and even rather surprised me since it has very well detected all my sleep cycles/alarm clock. Heart beat level, I would say it is fairly accurate, however, level O2 saturation in the blood, I have a little more reserve given that even breathless, it detected me a good oxygen… What you need to know is that to measure O2 saturation in the blood, the device uses infrared light. In medical devices, this one completely covers your finger, so there is no ambient light that intervenes in the measure… Now here, with the pulse O2, you put your finger on the rear part of the pulse, and it may be that infrared light also measures the O2 saturation of ambient air… μ number of calories, well, like practically any device, it's simple calculation , extrapolation, it doesn't reflect reality, but it's still a good indication. Knowing the true number of calories spent would require invasive equipment. Ah, and one thing I almost forgot, you can also create several profile in the application, so you can lend your O2 pulse without worries and without losing data!


An excellent activity tracker that is very powerful and complete! At the same time quickly forgets everyday and makes you want to exercise when you think about it! A quick glance at the stats, and hop, a little exercise shot! Performance such a day? A quick look at the app and we know everything! Want to increase its objectives, just program it in the application and the pulse will integrate it! A complete Tracker with a complete application, a must that makes you want to exercise!!! [Gallery IDs = "6922, 6923, 6924, 6925, 6926, 6927,692test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-28"]       And now…

 The contest!

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