Review / Test: Joystick MadCatz Cyborg F.L.Y. 5


I know not for you, friends readers, but I when it is summer and the holidays, I all of a sudden start to play! I played in my old games, I try and the new tests!

One of my older games that I like, it is Freelancer, a space space opera/shoot game, dating from 2003 and published by Microsoft.

It is certainly a game that date, but alas, little game of the same genre emerged, and even among them, very few are those who are worth the detour (according to my opinion, of course!).

I will not describe all the game, but (very) thick, you need to travel through the universe to know why the station on which you were, exploded. War? Conspiracy? Aliens? In short, you will have to upgrade your ship, your shell, your battery, and of course, your weapons if you want to survive!

Mercenary, trader, minor, vigilante, assassin, everything is good to earn money and become stronger!

In short, you will understand, it is a bit a space simulation game… Gold on our expensive pc, I find it generally lacks one thing: immersion in the game!

And one of accessories capable (or supposed to be) to bring you a little more to your game is simply a gamepad or joystick, and not a gamer mouse!

Gamers mice are useful for the execution speed and action, while the joysticks, are designed for a type of game in particular.

A game of racing on pc? Anyone who played one day, played with the keyboard… And we notice quickly that it lacks something, that it does not control the car as we would like, that we are not in the game! Where the invention of the flying!

Ditto for flight simulation games (normal or spatial), and it is there that I have spoken with the Cyborg F.L.Y. test 5!

The Cyborg F.L.Y. 5 comes from Mark MadCatz, a brand well known to gamers, and is released during the joystick 10 years of Cyborg sticks!


Cyborg F.L.Y. 5, it is:

  • a highly adjustable joystick
  • Wired
  • dual throttle to transformable in a single
  • Tilt the stick head
  • 12 programmable buttons… ranging up to 24 different functions!

controller box fly 5

Before the test itself, I would like firstly to develop some things, because like all objects that I tested, I conducts top research. And what I found par-ci, there

  1. on some sites, you can read the lever is ambidextrous… except that nothing that looking at photos of the joystick, I can say that this is not at all Ambidextrous! The throttles are located on the left of the joystick, however these are not removable, so is not suitable for lefties!
  2. on others, we can read: Hat Chinese hat switch… When it is y know not at all, there is what the question on what is this nifty machin bidule! It is in fact the Central directional pad that generally allows you to switch views


The test:

cyborg fly 5

The handle is in 2 parts in its packaging. The stick (handle) and its base. Rather convenient for storage! The 2 screw fairly easily, nothing well wicked.

At the level of design, of course, is to each his taste. Personally, at the level of the head, by its shape, I feel to put my thumb in the mouth of an animal! :-D But this feeling doesn’t bother me when I play as I think about it even more!

At the level of touch, it’s quite nice, it does not slip.

At the level of resistance, the controller being new, the spring is also. This resistance decreases as its use. Some might see a defect, personally, I see there a situation quite normal and understandable, and also a way to gain a better understanding of the joystick! For if the joystick was too soft at the beginning, I say not unto you the boat that you have had to restore the vessel… and something tells me that you have had the evil of air / space…
The top is to start a new simulation with the throttle set just out of its packaging, because way General, you start the game with a few agile camera and little by little, the agility of your ship increases. And thus the resistance of the joystick follows somehow the game! But hey, this is possible only once, the first time!

Level customization, the screwdriver is provided and you can change the handle at your convenience! That this be more inclined or less, all the parties spend there!

The only concern that I noticed at the moment, it is the base and therefore the stability of the joystick… I think they designed the throttle so that it takes the least amount of space because the base is foldable. But this base is composed of 3 T-shaped extensions… Result, if you give rotate the throttle forward, the throttle and its base will rise on the back! The better would have been a basis in the form of Y, I think stability would have been much better…


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