Test / reviews: Massager and orthopedic seat at Naipo

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 We are clearly in a computer era: when we are at work, it is usually behind a computer. At home, same thing, even though the sale of PCs declined. By dint of sitting behind her computer, feels fast muscle fatigue: neck, shoulders and buttocks generally… To remedy this, there are different solutions:

  • Stop sitting behind a computer, break or longer
  • Change of seat for a more ergonomic seat
  • Use different accessories for better feel without losing performance

  And it is this last option let me speak to the tests of 2 accessories. Must say that 2 accessories (one of the two being already quite effective), it's still really more convenient to carry than a large office chair! 2 accessories which I will be discussing are:

  1. The massage machine Naipo AMS-321
  2. The ergonomic seat cushion Naipo MGMS-LDN1


The massage machine Naipo AMS-321

screenshot_27 screenshot_24 This massage is a model that we see enough little. Generally, we see especially the massage cushion-shaped devices. In this case, it's more a massage device around your neck, around the thighs, around the back, etc… Thanks to its shape and the present straps, this Massager allows with much easier compared to the classical massage cushions, to add pressure to the point of contact of massage through his own strength, and this, without too much effort to mascreenshot_25intain! Excellent! Another advantage, it is wireless! So can also be used if not behind his computer and moving! You don't need to find a Plug and sit beside! Oscreenshot_29ther features of this Massager are generally those that can navigate each shiatsu Massager that is worthy of the name:

  • Functions: Invigorates and relaxes, targeted massage
  • Brand: Naipo
  • Model: AMS – 321
  • Intensity: 3 levels
  • Heating
  • Feel rotating massage heads
  • Power supply: Rechargeable battery
  • Operating time: 15 min
  • Auto shut-off: Yes
  • Area of application: almost all of the body

  screenshot_26 3 massage speeds, with heat if you wish, 2 hours of autonomy, possibility of change of rotation, auto shut off after 15 minutes to avoid overheating… It is frankly a very nice, no massage machine only you freedom of movement, but, it heats and in addition to the 3 speed rotations (as well as the direction of rotation), with the straps, you can add your own force that will give you significant additional pressure! Especially at the level of the neck and shoulders, which are areas very tense because of the stress, but also because of the fact that more and more long sits behind a computer!   Link: https://www.amazon.fr/Naipo-Appareil-Chauffant-Rechargeable-P%C3%A9trissage/dp/B01MF919V7/    

The ergonomic seat cushion Naipo MGMS-LDN1

  By dint of sitting behind his computer, we feel that we're generally not comfortable! And after a while, we start to squirm in order to move the back muscles. This being from the fact that our seats are rarely suitable for our postures, usually causing pressure at the level of the tailbone and lower back. screenshot_33   To avoid this, Naipo MGMS-LDN1 seat cushion combines form and foam in order to best support you.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN providing extraordinary comfort during the most ordinary activity – be seated
  • SUPPORT lumbar foam to high quality memory, for superior pressure relief and strengthening of good posture the best comfort for your tailbone
  • CONVENIENT to prevail by car, at the office or on any seat where you sit for awhile
  • COVER BREATHING to closure adds a layer of comfortable protection. Just remove it when she needs to be washed 
  • Money back guarantee without reason within 30 days. Warranty of 24 months for quality problems

screenshot_34 Enough hard/solid appearance, he does perfectly well its role of ergonomic cushion. And once we're more sitting, the cushion regains its original shape without problem! screenshot_37 By using it, we can feel a difference at the level of the back, the basin and the top of the legs. screenshot_36 Very comfortable! Whether at home, office, or car! Face non-slip lower. screenshot_35 Dimensions of approximately 44 * 38 – 40 cm link: https://www.amazon.fr/Naipo-Fauteuil-Corriger-lAlignement-Lombaire/dp/B01GR2FSII/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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