How to move the mouse with the keyboard

mouse This is a trick that could help you if one day your mouse crashes or that for some reason you no longer have mice, but that you still have your keyboard operational… in this case, that is, without mice, it is rather difficult for you to run a computer… The trick is to direct your mouse pointer with the keyboard… not the most practical, but to troubleshoot, it's always better than nothing at all! :-D To turn on the pointer direction function with the keyboard: press and hold "left ALT + left SHIFT + NUM LOCK/NUM verr" Note:

  • Left SHIFT is the 2nd key from the bottom up to the left of your keyboard (between CTRL and caps locks/shift).
  • Num lock is the key in the upper left corner of the numeric keypad.
  • The "+" key must not be pressed!

When you have performed the key combination, your computer will release you a small sound and a window will appear asking you if you want to activate the direction of the pointer to the mouse, there, tap the "enter" key. This is done, you can direct the pointer with the arrows present on the numeric keypad. Key 5 = left mouse click. Tap the 5 key twice to double click. For right-click, the key to the left of the right CTRL key must be used. To leave the Steering, redo the combination "left ALT + left SHIFT + NUM" other remark: without having ever parameterized the control of the pointer to the keyboard, the piloting will be super slow… To set this up, you need to double-click the mouse icon at the bottom near your clock and put the speed and acceleration to the bottom. The speed will not be equal to that of your mouse, but it will already be that! :-)

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