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  And so when the time came for my 1st article on Android! I don't control not completely Android because it does only a few weeks that I have a smartphone Android (HTC Evo 3D to be precise), but in the as, I'll discover the tricks and apps that I […]

Android: start + a few concepts

How many times we would not be able to finish a level of a game before the battery loose? And why high-tech devices have the tendency to be discharged at the time where it is most needed? With this article I hope to give you a few tricks to ensure […]

How to save iPhone or iPod battery

  Everyone knows Angry Birds, but for those who don't know, Angry Birds is a game which consists of throwing different birds through a lance stone on buildings where hide green pigs that must be destroyed.   This is a game any con when you talk, but once that on […]

How to play Angry Birds on all sites

Online casinos… It is easy to find on the internet, but it is difficult to know if they are trustworthy and that they not scamming us or whether they are secure or not! Here is therefore a site which offers a selection of online casinos, all tested by Casino Top […]

Easily find a casino on the internet game

It is well known, previously, it was floppy disks that were of computer infection vectors, nowadays, it is the USB! Today, I speak so the method allowing you to vaccinate your USB key and thus prevent viruses, worms and other malware from infecting your USB key and your computers!   […]

How to protect its USB key by vaccination

And here is the 3rd contest of the blog! This time, I propose to win the famous mouse Arc Touch Mouse from Microsoft! For those who do not know the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, it's the Microsoft mouse designed with a peculiar design! To understand what the Arc Touch has […]

Contest #3: A Microsoft ARC Touch mouse to win!

On the side of the pubs, I find that there are 2 types of pubs that are particularly invasive and annoying: The pop-up/pop-unders And the entire pubs pages that appear after you click on a link   For pop-ups and pop-unders, I already described to you several methods to protect […]

How to automatically pass pubs Adfly – Awsclic – Linkbucks ...

If you're using Firefox, and if there was a plugin that is known, is Adblock Plus: ad blocker! Well, be aware that ads Blocker can also turn into malware Blocker! (Malware malicious software = of the virus genus, etc…)   Here's how to proceed: (it goes without saying that it […]

Adblock Plus pop-up Blocker pubs but also malware!

Want to watch a video on Youtube, but you get the message: This video is not available in your country or for your domain or This video includes the contents of XXX. This content is not available in your country or This video includes the content of XXX, who has […]

How to watch a video from Youtube (or other site) ...

If you head in the air and you want to remember something by mail because calendars are not done for you or that you don't love, this site is for you! is a site that allows you to send a message that you have previously programmed to your own […]

Set the sending of email in the future