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When it wants to cool a computer Tower, we find ourselves quite quickly limited: If this isn't the tower which prevent you from adding more fans, it's your motherboard! Motherboards usually offer you the possibility to connect 2 minimum fans, with I would say an average of 4. Knowing that […]

Review / Test: phobya radiator PWM 8x4pins splitter

Always in my mind to effectively cool a PC, I'm looking for the best of fans dedicated to the breakdown of PC towers. Today is the turn of 120 mm Fan Susurro to spend in my big hands. I thank Aquatuning for this sample, Aquatuning, as its name suggests very […]

Review / Test: Alphacool Susurro fan 120 mm

After the excellent test of the Precision 11 tower at Silverstone, I decided to test the Silverstone PSU Strider Gold S Series 550 W, ST55F-G which is in another branch of their specialty, the power supplies for PC. Computer power supplies are also called PSU, which in English are the […]

Review: Silverstone PSU Strider Gold S Series 550 W, ST55F-G

I like to keep my objects as long as possible and goes the same for my smartphone, this is why I expect to have optimum protection before you take it out (they are fragile!). This is why here I tested a shell for Nokia Lumia 630/635. Here's the ArmourDillo hull, […]

Review / Test: shell for Nokia Lumia 630 ArmourDilla Encase

Personally, I made a distinction between warez forums and direct download sites (ddl), but I noticed that many people did not make this distinction, and in a sense it makes sense, these are all 2 areas, places where one can download our files, movies, videos, series, software, ebooks, etc… Since […]

All areas of free downloads (sites and forums) and quality ...

After testing the excellent ventilated support SNC Xilence 110 notebook, now place the fan box test (or rather french case fan / chassis), the Red Wing PWM 120 mm. As its name wears very well, the case fan Red Wing of Xilence has Red Wings! Personally, making a fan design […]

Review / Test: Xilence Red Wing PWM Series Fan

Buying online becomes a habit increasingly present in our lives, and many french are followers of e-commerce. According to this infographic from a study of the FIFG on the course for the purchase of the french consumer, we can see that the preferred payment method is credit card. Yet, many […]

How to pay online safely

Audio speakers are generally all of the same kind: such of the menhirs, they advocate proudly in a corner or side of a screen and you sing their song by their bodies fly eye… So, in order to change this, I got a pair of speakers of another kind! Much […]

Review / Test: atmosphere illuminated water jet audio subwoofer

I know for you, but for me, on my desktop, it's just the brothel (anyway, I said that it was an "arranged brothel" I like to designate my mess, that I find still!: p): between my pc, different cables, documents, tools, etc… It remains for me very little room! Not […]

Review / Test: Universal Mount for smatphone with flexible arm