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Hard to wait until the superb Tracker (tracker = download site of torrents) to which you wanted to register finally opens its doors and its inscriptions? Or are you looking for a random Tracker? Then use the site! Opentrackers is a site informing you in real time if the […] is a directory of good free offers on the Web such as coupons, free samples, information and services, software, free means of communication, TROCS, ect…. Their headings the + visited: Free product samples Free commnunications Free software TROCS Promo codes Enjoy it well! ;-)

On May 21st, Google celebrated the 30th anniversary of the famous PAC-man game by replacing its famous Google logo with a logo transformed into a maze with a yellow pellet and ghosts. Usually the birthdays that Google celebrates only remains on the anniversary day, but in view of the enthusiasm […]

Play Pac-Man on Google

Yopmail allows you to create an email address of your choice. This address is of the form: But for that, you do not need to create an account! You provide said address to the sites that request it when you register, and if you want to see the e-mails […]

How to avoid spam: Yopmail

You probably play small free games in Flash when you have 5 minutes to lose at work or at home … What if you could download these little Flash games, so you can play them whenever you want, even when you don't have an internet connection? Here's the procedure: Go […]

How to download Flash games and play them offline

This is surely happened already: it installs new software, clicked too quickly, and one realizes that the program restarts your PC to complete its installation! Generally, this is always in these moments where you lose open documents unsaved, or interesting web pages that it has not had time to mark […]

How to stop a restart or stop undesired

Incredibox a nice little site that allows you in a few clicks to set up a beat box choir! And all this without flooding your screen and keyboard with postillons! :-D For those who do not know what beatbox is, it is the art of producing sounds of musical instruments […]

Incredibox – beat box online

Belarc Advisor is 1 small, very lightweight tool that sends you back a complete diagnosis of your computer in the form of an HTML page in your web browser (IE, Firefox, Netscape and Opera are recognized). Don't worry: everything is done locally, nothing is sent on the net! The report […]

Belarc Advisor – Diagnosis of your PC

When you no longer use software, you can uninstall it from your computer. On the one hand, you free up disk space, and on the other hand, it will allow you to lighten your computer a little in the case of software that works in the background and therefore uses […]

Revo Uninstall: Uninstall cleanly and efficiently!

Today, I present you 3 sites that allow you to listen to music online and download in MP3 format! And all this for free, of course! ;-) (Click on the banners to access sites) Good listening! :-)

Some online music sites

The debrides are more and more known since the death of MegaUpload, but at the same time, these are less and less good … If you have landed here, you must probably know what an indebrider is. But if not, here's my explanation. A debrideur or debrideur is, as the […]

Free debris (streaming and downloads)

For all fans of mangas, I recommend a good site informing you of the latest releases of manga and allowing you to read the scans, download directly or watch anime streaming! The scans are also visible in their drive in lige. They follow I don't know how many mangas and […]

Sites of manga and anime free direct download