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Summary: Foreword Ebooks in the ePUB format How to remove DRM from the ePUB     Foreword   The evolution did that paper books have become e-books thanks to the explosion of digital, computers, the internet, smartphones and tablets! Electronic books, also known as e-books or ebooks, are in 90% […]

How to remove DRM from the epub

FRBoarD, which as its name suggests, is a forum french but which is pretty special just like Downparadise! They have the slogan is «Where all downloads are free», I find that it explains everything! Should we really say more? Access to this forum requires no registration, you can see all […]

FRBoard – where all downloads are free

  In my previous article where I had talked about how to protect your blog against spam in the comments, I had told you that Akismet left many unnecessary data in the database, slowing it down and your site or blog. So, I will here give you a tip for […]

WordPress: Tip for Akismet

As long as you have at least 2 computers at home, there's come a time where you want to transfer files between the 2. In this case, you have the traditional stuff: USB key External hard drive Memory card Go through internet But in all cases, it is a waste […]

Review / Test: Dongle USB Data Link to communicate between ...

Although having a Holster for my HTC Evo 3D smartphone, I decided to try to hit with a shell. The already installed screen protector, it remained me to choose my hull. In the protections at the level of the shells, you have 2 kinds: the rigid the semi-rigid Among the […]

Review / Test: hull Incipio NGP

Who today does not know Android?   Android became famous thanks in part to the low prices of smartphones and the many applications available on the Android Store or Play Store, and also because many of them were and are free of charge! Unfortunately, some of these applications are paying… […]

Or find and download paid Android (apk) applications in free

As I said you during the test on the charging cable and synchronization one coil, I had broken 2 cables. A coil replacing now one 2, need me so still a new to be fully operational! For 2nd cable, I decided this time to test another among the wide range […]

Review / Test: charging Cable and sync OneCable

Electronic Star, especially Sehvan thank incidentally, has decided a contest with our collaboration, which of course, we accept with joy! I presented you Electronic Star competitions of 3rd anniversary which had offered as lot one of their dj headphones, but I'll redo one here for those who would not yet […]

Contest #6: A 3D converter to win!

During the latest Kim Dotcom, i.e., sharing site, aka Mega, I don't not rushed to see how this would work, the news, rates, security, etc. because I knew it was going to be different from the former, fire MegaUpload. Recently, I had to retrieve a file hosted by Mega, […]

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