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The company Xilence, which I thank very warmly, has sent me to test a ventilated support for laptop, the SNC 110. Founded in 2003, Xilence is a reputable company in the design of cooling and noise reduction components for PCs. The product range consists of PC enclosures, PC power supplies […]

Review/Test: Xilence SNC 110 ventilated support for laptop PC

After my first test of the ventilated support, and the recent slight overheating of my laptop in game (which is quite normal, a small cleaning must be done, but since I'm lazy I have not yet had the time), I have for I do not know what reason , wanted […]

About ventilated cooling racks and shelves for laptop PCs

For people who often stay behind a computer like professional players, the brightness of the screens is problematic. You have several solutions to this: film on screen, software filter like F. Lux, or even special glasses. I have never tested the first solution yet, but I have approved the 2nd […]

Review/Test: Bezel for Gamer Noscope Demon

By default, Microsoft integrates a Help center within its Windows operating system, and has been around for a long while. If my memories are not mistaken, I will say from the beginning, in any case, in Windows 95, it seems to me that the help was already present. But I […]

Tip: How to fix the most common worries in Windows ...

Nowadays, alas, we have not yet invented the transmission of wireless electricity… except maybe Qi technology for Smartphones that allows them to recharge wirelessly, but this still requires a contact between the device and the base. And so our wireless devices still need a power source that is either brought […]

Review/test: Rechargeable AA battery USBCell

I have the pleasure of testing an audio headphone support with just-Mobile! Just-Mobile is a brand that has simple purpose: Create and produce the most stylish accessories possible! But not that, besides being stylish, they create them so that these objects can also last as long as possible! And for […]

Review/Test + contest: HeadStand headset Support from Just-Mobile

  In partnership with, we offer you the Logitech high-end gamer mouse test, the G700S! As well as three chances to win it later! is an online shop specializing in the selection of the best high tech products and offers them at a better price! A simple example? […]

Review/Test + contest: Logitech Gaming mouse G700S to win!

In partnership with the online store, I have the pleasure of testing one of the famous activity tracker that are increasingly fashionable, the withing pulse O2! And as a bonus, we offer you three chances to win it!!! is an online store that aims to be the benchmark […]

Review/test + contest: Withings pulse O2 activity tracker to win!