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One of the wounds of our screens nowadays, whether it is our screens of computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets or even GPS, it is the reflections that prevents us to see well what is displayed! and in addition to preventing us from seeing well, the reflections are damaging our eyes like […]

Review / Test: Film / Viewguard anti-glare filter

There are evenings where bored and uu'd watch a movie… Nothing on TV, plus series, not want to re – watch old movies… Do is to discover other films that we liked and which would be of the same kind and that we would like to… The question is how […]

How to find other films of the same genre

When it comes to having to type a mail/text long enough and I'm on my iPad or Smartphone, I always carry on until I'm on my PC because I don't have the patience to write it without a physical keyboard;  To remedy that, I had bought a low-end Bluetooth keyboard […]

Review/Test: Perixx Periboard-808 backlit Bluetooth keyboard

I do not know about you but as far as I am concerned, my greatest stress when I am offered an outdoor activity: "But, will I be able to take my phone with?!" (You can imagine the stressed air that goes with it, yes Yes). Still, many outdoor activities carry […]

Test / Reviews: DiCAPac waterproof cover for Samsung Galaxy Note

In partnership with, we offer 3 chances to win an HD Video acquisition box, the Avermedia Game Capture HD C281! is an online shop specializing in the selection of the best high-tech products and offers them at a better price! Alazka offers spare parts to all-mounted products such […]

Contest: A Avermedia C281 HD video acquisition box to win

  In partnership with, I am pleased to test the smartphone Cubot S208 and offer it to you in competition! As a reminder, Valuebasket is an online store specializing in the sale of the latest cheap electronic gadgets, whether digital cameras, servers, audio headphones, webcams, keyboards, mice, digital camcorders, […]

Review/Test + contest: An Android smartphone Cubot S208 to win

More and more nomadic devices are used: MP3 player, MP4 player, smartphone, tablet, etc… And that says portable electric device, says drums! Since we are tired of recharging them all the time, the manufacturers are trying to put us bigger batteries. But that says bigger batteries in capacity, also says […]

Review/Test: Sandberg 10400 mAh External Battery