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Over time, unfortunately, notebook batteries can see their autonomy, or rather their capacity decrease. This is from the fact that our dear batteries produce waste that gradually to replace the healthy components. And because of this, our dear laptop computers "think" that the battery is full or x % (for […]

How to calibrate your laptop battery

You think not necessarily seen that for most people, using a keyboard normal, basic, just like mouse. But in the world of video games, you mouse dedicated to gaming, but also of the keyboards dedicated to video games. What do they bring in more than the classic versions? Like gamers […]

Review / Test: keyboard gaming Perixx PX-3200

After testing the Inateck FD1005 hard disk Dock, I decided to test their latest version, version 2 in 1! 2 in 1 because the FD-2002 is a dock for 2 hard disks! But not only is it a dock for 2 HDD/SSD, but in addition, it features the offline clone […]

Review/Test: Dock Inateck FD2002 for 2 SSD/HDD USB3

With the updated of the NFC by Apple with their iPhone 6 and Apple Pay, I decided me is also to test the NFC tags with my Samsung Galaxy S3, something I had not yet made. The NFC, although little known in Europe is well established in the several years […]

Review / Test: Samsung Tectiles NFC Tags

You have 2 or more files that have all 2 the same name that are probably different versions, but the problem is that you know not what changes between different files? If you often write with your computer, or you often receive files, this had to happen to you at […]

How to compare and find the difference between 2 or ...

In our smartphones, there is a place that is dirty especially fast (except the screen), and it is the jack 3.5 mm, used for headphones! A gaping hole for dust that engrouffrent! There are small accessories that can avoid this, they are kind of small key chain… Then Yes, why […]

Review / Test: button Jack Klickie for Android

In partnership with the Levelone brand, a CPL test, the model fold-4052D. First of all, a small word on what is a CPL. What is a CPL? CPL is the diminutive of Powerline online. Basically, the CPL using household electric current and transforms it into computer signals. Given that the […]

Review / Test + contest: CPL Levelone PLI-4052D