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The action cam SJCAM SJ6 Legend? Virtually everyone knows the famous action camera brand Gopro… Still must admit that these are excellent cam for action. Unfortunately, this has a price that is not insignificant or negligible: easy in the 300-400 euros! Fortunately for us, the Chinese come the rescue with […]

Test / review: Action Cam SJCAM SJ6 Legend, 4 k

Winter is never very nice: when we wake up, it's dark… When we get home from work, it's dark… In short, in these dark times, the sweet caress of the sunlight lack us… To brighten up your home, here are the spherical lamp PlayStation! Features Controllable from your smartphone Bluetooth […]

Test / notice: lamp spherical PlayStation Playbulb

Which country is the sender of this email comes from? This is something that happens to arise, whether out of curiosity, that because we want to know which country comes from this customer, to know more or less who we're case, etc… Except that it is not necessarily easy to […]

Tip: How to easily locate the sender of an email?

We are clearly in a computer era: when we are at work, it is usually behind a computer. At home, same thing, even though the sale of PCs declined. By dint of sitting behind her computer, feels fast muscle fatigue: neck, shoulders and buttocks generally… To remedy this, there are […]

Test / reviews: Massager and orthopedic seat at Naipo

  When you go camping, take a hike of several days, where any other reason that deprives us several days of electricity, we can ask the question of how to recharge his electronic devices, whether phone, Tablet, GPS, camera, or other electronic devices. For that, we can carry spare batteries, […]

Test / review: backpack 35L hiking with Eceen solar charger

With this cold, if there is one thing that we did not want to do, besides out, is to remove his gloves to use their smartphone! Gloves not tactile, it's the wound to use their smartphone, it's just random, impossible. Of course, you have touch gloves, except that… generally, it […]

Test / reviews: touch gloves for smartphones Mujjo, double thickness

  When did the video, the image is important but the sound is even more. Only a micro costs very soon quite dear. Therefore, I wanted to test a microphone with an arm and a pop filter for 30 euro. I turned to this Aukey condenser microphone.   Content of […]

Test / reviews: Aukey Condenser Microphone

Sports cameras are democratized, and now we can find at any price. Having a Go Pro, I wondered what was worth a camera entry level less than 50 euro at the time I write this test. So I decided to test this little camera at Aukey, an AC – WC1, […]

Test / review: Camera sports 1080 p with wifi at ...