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All the tricks and tips of the Galaxy! To choose widely, enough to find your happiness! Optimization and acceleration of Windows, acceleration of your downloads, thorough cleaning, improvement of various softwares, tips for various sites, etc…

Generally, you use Facebook on your smartphone and leave your Facebook session open, but different situations can happen: Smartphone theft Using Facebook on another Smartphone Using Facebook on a computer etc… In short, for one reason or another, you may be getting one day to open a 2nd Facebook session […]

How to close your Facebook session remotely

You want to have the maximum power, performance that your pc can give you to play your favorite game, but you do not want (or are afraid or do not know) overclocker your pc? No worries, it's possible thanks to a trick on Windows 10, and this, without risk!   […]

Windows 10: How do I get the most performance?

The webcam, integrated with virtually all laptops and smartphones, is also found in some tablets. This is a very useful accessory for filming and having for example video conversations with people from his family who are abroad. Because of their presence in many laptops and smartphones, it is a device […]

How to avoid hacking his webcam

Windows 10 is the 1st Windows to be frequently updated feature side for free unlike previous versions of Windows, like Windows 7 or Windows 8. Previously for versions prior to Windows 10, there was what was called the "Services Pack", which gave for example Windows 7 SP1. But there were […]

How to check its version of Windows 10?

In Windows (regardless of the version, whether it's W7, W8 or W10), every time you connect a different device like USB sticks, Windows installs a new driver (or driver) every time. But after a while, it builds up. How to remove old drivers? So for some people, the number of […]

Windows: How to remove old drivers and devices

When you open the file explorer on Windows 10, by default you always get quick access to the Windows File Explorer. This may be convenient for some, but others prefer for example to have hard drives directly. And not to make extra clicks to access the desired files. To change […]

Windows 10: How to change the quick access of the ...

In Windows 10, there is a module called windows Defender Security Center that has been around since Windows Vista and has evolved little by little. Not to be confused with Windows Defender at all! If you are interested in Windows Defender, I invite you to read how to deactivate it. […]

Windows 10: How disable the Security Center Windows Defender

How to remove the invisible popup of the free Avira Antivir antivirus Open your Windows Explorer Click the view tab Choose Options Here, you choose the view tab Go to advanced settings and choose the folders, files and hidden drives Are doing Ok. Back in Explorer: Go to your hard […]

Tip: How to remove the invisible popup of the free ...