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Found more in addition to USB to plug into our computers gadget: mouse, keyboard, USB drive, external hard drive, fan, lamp, etc. But at some point, we find ourselves without USB port! This is where our Smiling Man made his appearance with the help of our partner! But add […]

Review / Test: Hub USB 4 ports Smiling Man

With new devices that are more energy-intensive, our partner gave us the opportunity to test a laptop battery from Energizer. Principle: The purpose of this battery is to charge your mobile devices, without the need for plug. Allowing you to keep your devices charged longer and you will provide […]

Review / Test: battery portable universal Energizer XP4001 – 4000 ...

How easy it was to download movies when megaUpload was in service! But now other platforms have taken over and even Youtube allows you to stream entire movies! But how to download movies on youtube? Via this article, I'll give you different sites that provide you with movies as well […]

How to download movies on Youtube

One of products characteristic of our partner, what are its Ultimate Packs. Therefore, I thank them for providing us with one of the iPhone 5, exists also for other smartphones or tablets. These Ultimate packs include a set of accessories considered essential for your mobile device, whether in storage […]

Review / Test: iPhone 5 Platinum accessories Pack

I don't know about you, but when I do long surfing sessions on my computer, it comes at a time when I have big headaches, which is due to visual fatigue caused by the computer screen, no matter the screen. Thanks to F.lux, I managed to make them disappear. At […]

F. Lux or how to reduce visual fatigue

  For someone who debuted in the computer, it is quite difficult to know whether or not his pc is well protected, so there are plenty of malicious elements that can compromise your computer: viruses, trojan (Trojan horse), keyloggers, worms, spyware, adware, etc… So for your convenience, I'll introduce you […]

How to know if your pc is well protected?

  To continue our tour of blogs for portable appliance testing, (our partner) offers universal support for Tablet. But this is not a simple medium that one has the opportunity to see in everyone, here is a spider! ;-)   Spider Podium:  This support is ideal for all types […]

Review / Test: for Tablet – Spider Podium Universal Mount (our partner) still rewarded us with a new object that clasped the happiness of all music fans, the pregnant mini portable Music Angel Friend! But above all, what is a micro-enceinte for mp3 player? (Finally, anything with a 3.5 mm Jack connector) It is a pregnant which riquiqui […]

Review / Test: pregnant portable Music Angel Friend

For the first time on the blog, I offer you, through our partner, a test on gloves for touch screens capacitive! This is why with the winter weather that we have at the moment, I offer my opinion on a product that will help you to spend in addition […]

Review / Test: capacitive gloves