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Who has never had projects, whether with friends or professional? More there are people involved, and more difficult to organize and coordinate all the tasks it is. Propels, a website developed by a young french student wants to be an answer adapted to project management. He is currently still with […]

Propels, a simple and efficient project manager

In partnership with Eric shop, we offer you this summer, one speaker to vibration YouTube! Shop by Eric is gone from the observation we also noticed: when you want to buy something, whether on a store online or in a large area, most of the time, it is simply not […]

Contest #7: A YouTube Forum to win!

Since the appearance of the first MP3, take his music everywhere with oneself has become a gesture between the life of every day, even a reflex. With current phones, it became even easier to have his music still on oneself and be able to share it with his entourage. But […]

Review / Test: speaker Bluetooth Veho 360 ┬░ M4

There are more in addition to website offering a cloud service that allows to share files via a storage space on the net. The best-known no longer need to be cited, services such as DropBox, Skydrive, Google Drive or even more recently Mega, are booming with still more space up […]

Gather DropBox, GoogleDrive and another cloud with Cloudiz

Whether for the camera, mobile phones, digital tablets or any other device for which the use of memory can be very useful and even essential standard SD memory cards are everywhere! Whether it's SD cards, micro SD or mini SD, or as storage capacities or that of SD, SDHC or […]

Review / Test: memory card Micro SD 32 GB

Diplomas and training courses in computer science are currently and for several years, the wind in its sails on the labour market. These courses are rather well suited for scientific and 'hacking' minds, there are more and more channels in the field, ever more specialized and sharp in new technologies […]

Studies in computer science, a path in full swing

Who says summer, said heat! Finally, in principle since the seasons are completely wrong… And one of the defects of laptops, it is their heat dissipation! Notebook PCs have all struggled to evacuate the heat because aeration zones are located under the pc, however this area is crowded by the […]

Review / Test: Support broken for PC laptop Macally Ecofan ...

In the evening, where no evening is provided, that there's nothing on TV… Who has never been faced with this question: what I might well look tonight? Whether it is video on demand or streaming, the problem remains the same. There, both so much choice and so many films that […]

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