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The QR code is a kind of barcode / barcode which is fancier than bar codes encountered everyday on the products that you buy in the store.   The bar code The conventional bar codes are in rectangular form and the code is composed of alternating bars of different thickness, […]

The did you know? The QR codes

I'm a little conflicted when it comes to smartphones: iPhone at their very beginning here, then right out of the Samsung Galaxy Note series I jumped for their size, especially, and I made them 1 to 4, and recently ironed on iPhone 7 more… Yes but I look at more […]

Samsung Galaxy S9: A smartphone is almost perfect?

Whether you are young or older, it happens to us all to have the shaky at some point… Who has never had photos blurred because of an involuntary movement? Although nowadays, this happens less often thanks to electronics compared to the time of film cameras, but it can still happen. […]

Test / reviews: stabilizer camera smartphone KSIX Steady Rec 2 ...

You know, the stressful time when you're groping your pocket and your keys aren't there? We've all known him, and I've had enough of being paranoid all the time when I go abroad, to a park, or whatever, away from home and if I lose my keys, I'm good at […]

Test / review: Tracker Biisafe Buddy V3 Smart Button

In Windows 10, there is a module called windows Defender Security Center that has been around since Windows Vista and has evolved little by little. Not to be confused with Windows Defender at all! If you are interested in Windows Defender, I invite you to read how to disable Defender. […]

W10: How to turn off the Windows Defender Security Center

Have a smart TV is becoming increasingly unavoidable but unfortunately according to the desired size, or even the budget, this option may not be available. For this, different dongles exist. Including the Fire Stick Basic Edition at Amazon. Unboxing The Fire Stick tv dongle A remote control with batteries that […]

Test / reviews: Amazon Fire Stick Basic Edition

A Bluetooth speaker, Yes… But it has a look that clearly attracted me because it is classy enough and blends much better in a decoration that something more modern, more plastic often, she does not shock any in decoration and instead brings this little retro touch and more. The fact […]

Test / reviews: speaker Veho 360 Bluetooth Retro Mode M6

When you want to create panoramic photos or videos or even a timelapse, it is difficult to do perfectly for the simple reason that you move constantly, and as a result, the alignment is not always respected. In these cases, is better to equip themselves with a rotating support allowing […]

Test / notice: Support Duopod / monopod / tripod Veho ...

It's an almost undeniable fact: many of us use their smartphones to bed before going to bed… except that everyone does not necessarily of bedside table in order to put it down before going to sleep, lack of space or other. Putting your smartphone on your bed next to your […]

Test / review: Pocket bedside smartphone and Tablet

It is said that we live in the age of information. Thanks to the continual technological advances in high-tech and communication, which includes Internet, mobile phones, smartphones, and MP3 players, we have access to all kinds of information in literally one click or to touching our touchscreen.   Sometimes, the […]

Is it safe to use Malwarebytes?

After hearing everybody ask me what it's like phone I have with my big shell, I thought "okay, the protection is well but a smartphone stylish it is nice too". So I wanted to try to replace my hull, hull Presidio Grip from Speck. Why this one? First, because I […]

Test / reviews: iPhone case 7 more Speck Presidio Grip ...

Following the passage of my smartphone mode charging wireless, I "lost" my micro-usb port… For the transfer of the files, it so spent under the nose! Because it is not practical to always remove the Wireless charging adapter. That left wireless transfer: bluetooth or wifi… I first use the bluetooth: […]

Test / review: Sandisk wifi usb key