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Whenever you go shopping, you can see a proposal of new means of payment, remotely without having to insert your card at checkout: the NFC (Near Field Communication), which is a technology using the RFID which Here's a definition: RFID – Radio Frequency IDentification: technology for automatic identification which uses […]

Test / reviews: portfolio S-special leather Samsonite real RFID

After years of use Samsung Galaxy notes (which were always protected by Otterbox Defender cases), I had a whim and decided to go back to the Apple (we're bored sometimes, what do you want xD). Brief, given that Otterbox cases have saved the life of my note 3 at least […]

Test / review: Otterbox Defender Series iPhone shell 7 more ...

The headphones, this is something that I never get tired of change, always looking for a better sound, more comfort, a different thing which I can always appreciate more my music (and so delicate that I am, I always end up by) breaking a pair or the other must be […]

Test / review: Zagg IFROGZ headphones Impulse

What's worse that having to move to turn the light off when it is installed in the Chair / bed? This is where we'd like to have the gift of telekinesis, hop to flip the switch by thinking… Good, it is not yet for everything now we are unfortunately not […]

Test / review: Smart socket Koogeek

I generally always filming everything with my smartphone, and even if the quality is very good, I must say that one, it's a bit annoying to have to use my battery to film, and two, in some situations (amusement park, even with waterproof covers for wet locations,…), I always fear […]

Test / reviews: ODRVM Full HD 1080 p action sports ...

What better way to motivate everyone at a party with friends than to offer karaoke? Okay ok the shy and the neighbors will make you somuch, but it's so funny to be able to mock (or admire, it happens :D) In short for this, you have to be equipped, and […]

Test / reviews: microphone and Bluetooth Mayhem Karaoke speaker

I don't know in what concerns you, but I'm sometimes (often even :() guard at weekends at work, and it already happened to me several times off I woke up Sunday morning telling me in a semi-coma "ah well no it is Sunday I can sleep" because I ava forgotten […]

Test: Morning Mayhem Scribble LCD Pixel array

Having returned to sport lately, I want to be able to follow my activity and my progress (ahem…), so I need trackers; I already have a Garmin Vivofit, which does its job of tracking but I do not like the app, and a Fitbit One but I do not like […]

Test / Reviews: Smartband AT300 Prixton connected wristband

When you think that before you had to have a different camera for each thing (a camera for photos, a walkman for music, etc.) and that now everything can be put together in one object, personally I am always impressed. This is the case of this Fresound bluetooth stereo kit […]

Test / Reviews: Fresound Bluetooth Stereo Receiver Kit

  Depuis ma première charge, j'ai déjà rechargé 4fois mon Galaxy Note 3 au moyen de la batterie externe et celle-ci est toujours chargée, et elle s'est chargée complètement la première fois entre 23h et 7h du matin, peut-être n'était-elle pas complètement vide lorsque je l'ai reçue. La lampe de poche est […]

Test/Review : Batterie externe EasyAcc 20000mAh IP67 antichocs

Already the holder of the Bluetooth headphones Avantree Jogger, I'm delighted but the sports model is not super aesthetic for every day, I wanted to test these, whose color and elegant clip attracted me right away. The fact that I could also use it for calls was not negligible when […]

Review / Test: Bluetooth Avantree Clipper black -red stereo listeners