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In the world of smartphones, multiple operating systems exist, the well-known iOS from Apple that team than his own appareilsn as well as the Google Android which team almost all of the other smartphone brands. But there are also the Windows Phone, especially on devices of the brand Nokia type […]

The point on the Windows Phone

Many cars now have a kit free hand system that is done using a bleutooth bridge between the vehicle and your smartphone. It is very well to avoid the distraction of the driver, but the negative effect, it is the consumption of the internal battery of the phone. What could […]

Test / Review: car charger Inateck Al2011

Having a background of music is always pleasant, it soothes and helps the concentration (or distraction according to music). This is why I always use my iPod to put music, my only problem is that I don't really like to put headphones, I believe that music should be shared (except […]

Review / Test: Olixar Wireless Speaker

With smartphones, it often runs out of battery because its main use is no longer always call, and some applications are known as energy-intensive, such as the GPS or the games in HD. And how many times that no us happens not to say during a call: "I'll have to […]

Review / Test: Olixar portable safety load

There are many kind of screen protection and they all have the same role to play: prevent our screen get scratched in our pockets or purse.  To do this, they exist in different materials: gel, a kind of plastic to apply but also of tempered glass. We will focus here […]

Review / Test: glass screen Protection tempered for Nokia Lumia ...

I like to keep my objects as long as possible and goes the same for my smartphone, this is why I expect to have optimum protection before you take it out (they are fragile!). This is why here I tested a shell for Nokia Lumia 630/635. Here's the ArmourDillo hull, […]

Review / Test: shell for Nokia Lumia 630 ArmourDilla Encase

Our smartphones use us for everything now and live without is not always easy. However, when it needs to get behind the wheel, we meet that have its smartphone in your Pocket is not pleasant for long journeys and that it is dangerous to remove it from his pocket while […]

Review / Test: Geraldine Airframe

The winter approaching, the nights get longer which will immerse ourselves in the black during long hours. And for those who are often on the computer to work (or play), they probably know that have (other than the backlight of the display) ambient light is essential for the well-being of […]

Review / Test: lamp Mini brick color change

The protection of a Tablet is something indispensable given the fact that they are made to be ridden in every sense. In addition, this protection could be pretty and original, it would be perfect. This is why I will present the mini cover for iPad (all generations) from Incipio.   […]

Review / Test: cover mini iPad by Incipio

Write on a tablet or smartphone touchscreen keyboard is not always the easiest thing in the world, find accents, make sure the automatic corrector does not change our words… and personally I'd rather press the keys of a keyboard physical (I like the sound it makes) And that is why […]

Review / Test: Perixx Periduo-801 bluetooth keyboard

As you already know, I do not like the cables for sake of the reason: bulky, not attractive, they look, etc… So I've found a gadget that allows much to differentiate it from others, a light cable! :-) The lights, it is so pretty. If he did that of light, […]

Review / Test: Dexim cable charging light Lightning

  Protecting your smartphone screen is something every good owner wants to do. But then comes the time of the application of the protective film, bubbles, dust that puts between the screen and the filter, and thus the moment of nervous breakdowns … We may have found a solution for […]

Test / Reviews: Crystalusion (liquid glass screen protection)